• Jimmy Fallon did that fun thing when shaving off his beard, trying out a bunch of different moustache looks in the process. Click through for a GIF of the results. Shown: the handlebar! -LateNightJimmy
  • Aziz Ansari Interviews Aziz Ansari About Being Aziz Ansari -Bullett
  • Rumor has it, there are 3 Ashleys on this season of The Bachelor. The Ashleys are too damn high! -BuzzFeed
  • Moving on up: Jimmy Kimmel Says Goodbye To Midnight, Starts at 11:35 Tonight. Semi-unrelated: Hey, did most of us watch The Man Show back in the day? -SplitSider
  • Rainn Wilson has a deep talk with Scott Hutchison, singer of Frightened Rabbit (& my hubs who doesn’t know it yet) inside a carpeted van, and does some real talk about his own career and The Office. Ask me about the time Scott and I were stuck in a doorway during a downpour and I was too scared to talk to him! -SoulPancake
  • Patrick Dempsey successfully outbid Starbucks to buy Tully’s Coffee. Decent grocery store beans at a slightly discounted rate, the cool sign on I-5, and better coffee drive-throughs will continue to be ours. -AP
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  1. Is this season of the Bachelor Recess themed?

  2. Jimmy Fallon’s facial hair kind of looks like those lesbians who try really hard to grow a beard.

  3. Hey Mary, can you tell me about the time Scott and you were stuck in a doorway during a downpour and you were too scared to talk to him?

  4. Yes topknot, I can! It was outside of Berbati’s in Portland (#RIP) after a FR show a couple years ago. Everyone had mostly left and I’d waited and waited for some reason (lol, who knows why you ever do that after concerts?)- so I finally exited out the back door and it’s pouring down rain, Portland-style. A shadowed man runs into the doorway from the tour bus and starts trying to open the door to get back inside, but it’s locked. And it’s him! It’s Scott. At this point I can’t speak or probably even feel my hands from the shock of it all. So he just stands there looking out at the rain trying to figure out what to do, and I just stand there too, because Scott Hutchison. Neither of us says anything. What was I really supposed to say? “Marry me right this second, let’s go!” A missed opportunity, but kind of makes a better story this way, I think. He ran back out into the rain a minute or two later and went inside through a different door. And I went home. THE END.

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