• Let’s all take a second to appreciate Alexander Skarsgård’s 2012 Christmas card! Inspired by this, obviously. -FilmDrunk
  • Angelina Jolie To Direct WWII Biopic, Unbroken -/Film
  • Jason Schwartzman will guest star on Parks And Recreation as the owner of Pawnee’s video store. Hooray! -Vulture
  • Arrested Development Fans Just Blue Themselves Over Fake Netflix Movies”: enjoy until Season 4 is available. -HyperVocal
  • Anne Hathaway required custom-made vegan shoes for her Les Misérables character to wear. Those crazy bondage boots she wore recently were vegan too! -OhNoTheyDidnt
  • A Review of Denny’s The Hobbit menu (our favorite!): An Unexpected Journey To The Toilet -BoingBoing
  • The 25 Films Added to The National Film Registry’s ‘Culturally Significant Films’ List in 2012 -TheWeek


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  2. Wow, was not expecting to see Freddy Got Fingered on that list.

  3. How can clothing be vegan? Is it edible clothing?

    • Not made with animals or animal byproducts I guess? Although I don’t know if “vegan” is the right word at that point. I guess it counts as vegan as long as it fills the wearer with a sense of smug superiority.

      • Why can’t they just say “cruelty-free”? It actually makes sense and as a bonus, it can turn someone into an infuriating little knob just like vegan.

        Note: I am not saying that all vegans are replusive dingeberries, just that those who describe non-edible things as vegan most certainly are.

        • Cruelty-free and vegan are different concepts. For instance, if something is made with dairy it doesn’t necessarily require ‘cruelty’ (pain/killing).

          Vegan is similar to ‘organic’ — it’s a set of principles that can be applied to any and all product categories.

          PS I don’t think vegans are as bad as people like to portray. I find meat eaters are a bit defensive when they learn I’m (semi) vegetarian. It’s sort of like announcing you’re an atheist to a Christian. It makes them uncomfortable that you don’t share their values — and they sort of think you might be judging them. Which I find isn’t often the case.

          • Now that I look at my comments, they might have come off as a bit overly defensive. I guess what I’m saying is that certain people use perfectly good ideas as an excuse to lord it over everyone else and that sickens me.

            Anyway, thanks for the education on that.

      • I remember, long ago, when I went to see Morrissey (a staunch vegetarian and PETA supporter) and was shocked to see he was wearing Doc Martin 14-holes. Helllloooooo Steven Patrick, those are letha!

        • That drives me crazy. However, vegan (plastic specifically) shoes will never ever ever decompose. The obvious answer is to get leather shoes made from reused leather. This quandary has bothered me for more than 22 years. It is probably related to why I moved to Portland.

          • Doc Marten makes vegan 14-holes and oxfords.
            Most decent vegan shoes are made of more complicated synthetics that aren’t plastic. They definitely decompose and their “footprint” (ugh, I never intend puns in any context, I promise) is much better than leather’s.
            This comment needs more funny, I know. But fyi, you guys.

          • Did Docs make vegan shoes in 1991? Probably. I don’t see how plastic is any better though. I mean it takes centuries to biodegrade., if they ever really do. So save the animals and screw the earth? I also have to be patient with some vegans because they will inevitably try to convince me to join them like some Christian cult. I’m 39. I’m not going to be a vegan and I know how it all works.

            Badideajeans I LOVE Portland!!!! Maybe see you next time I’m there???

        • Well, he’s racist, so fuck him.

      • Isn’t if just plastic?

  4. But will Billy Bob Thornton be invited to the premiere of the WWII Biopic, Unbroken? If he is invited, would he go???

  5. That pic of my Swedish bb is making me live 4 dayz!

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