It sure seems like this 1979 Australian television interview with Tom Waits might have been the inspiration for Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight. Some men just want to watch the piano drink.

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  1. Wait, don’t tell me Tom is STILL waiting! It’s been 23 years! At least!

  2. Why does this Australian host have a New York accent? And this proves hipsters were always too cool for school. Even in that mysterious decade called the 70s at the HEIGHT of disco and punk.

  3. Some men just want to watch the world waltz Matilda.

  4. I didn’t really see it until Tom Waits made that pencil disappear.

  5. Ledger did borrow from Tom Waits but they are both basically doing a drunk Al Franken impersonation.

  6. No judgements here, but the Tom Waits audio in that clip appears dubbed. That could mean any number of things, including but certainly not exclusively that someone edited the clip with themselves making a joker voice.

    It could also mean that he was barely understandable in the first place and had to be dubbed in. The world is full of possibilities!

    • while it could be overdubbed, that is actually what tom waits sounds like when he talks, more or less. well, now he sounds more like cookie monster, but if you watch video of him from the 80s, he does speak like this.

    • This is a videotaped clip that has been compressed to a digital file. Not uncommon at all that the audio and video don’t match up after the conversion. That seems to be the problem. In my opinion it does not seem dubbed.

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