BOOM, CAROL COSTELLO! Whose google search turns up “kooky guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about” now, huh? NO ONE’S? Still no one’s, because that isn’t even HOW GOOGLE WORKS? You big jerk. Leave Bill Nye alone! Let’s all leave each other alone, at least until the Earth melts and we’re all in Heaven. We can rib each other then! (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Good counter argument! “What do you say to people who claim that the problem is not that stuff is dry, but that there is just too much dry stuff?” That’s journalism at its finest.

  2. Bad journalism gets me so goddamn angry. It is WITHOUT QUESTION asshole week. But Bill Nye is so great. So great.

    What’s that, go look at a streaming camera of golden retriever puppies? Well okay…

  3. Bill Nye, the Drops the Mic Guy

  4. Just give up, CNN.

  5. He’s right about the whole “two sides of the story” thing. When one of the sides benefits ($$$) from pollution, and the other side consists of SCIENTISTS, the sides do not deserve equally serious consideration. This is the whole tobacco companies fiasco repeating itself. Come on news people.

    • I agree. Just because I am able to blather on at length about crazy bullshit, that does not mean I am entitled to a national platform to spew said crazy bullshit. Although now that I have your attention, I would like to mention about how chemtrails are affecting immunizations and allowing the lizard people to influence the government.

    • I also like how he’s just like “I can read a graph, and this is how it is.” It’s so frustrating with this whole argument when its kind of like well, here are some FACTS, and some people still try to debate it.

      “Grass is green”
      “I am not convinced that grass is actually green, and we shouldn’t say outright one way or another”

    • “Well Bill, on one hand, you’ve got all confusing sciencey stuff and on the other hand, I make a lot of money from the destruction of the planet! You can understand how this can be confusing for our viewers at home.”

  6. What should have been Bill Nye’s response-
    “do you see my credentials in the corner? I’m Bill fucking Nye, science rules you cumberbitch!” and then he proceeds to rip off his bow tie and walk out that piece.

  7. He’s pretty scientifical.

  8. And to discuss all of this, joining us is astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson. Mr. Tyson, welcome to the show, it’s a pleasure to have you. I was hoping you could help explain to us what the fuck your problem is.

  9. “Ok, Mr. President, let’s talk about the political aspect of this, since you’re not a geneologist. do you want to clarify this, because when you Google your name, people think you’re a Kenyan-born Muslim.”

  10. I’m consistenly impressed with Nye’s ability to avoid getting derailed from his message by all these bullshit anchors’ tactics. They make it really hard but he just ignores their ad hominem crap and puts aside the temptation to defend himself on national TV in favour of saying the science part straight up. Go Bill, you show ‘em.

  11. While watching that clip I had to double check like 5 times to make sure I wasn’t watching Gretchen Carlson on Fox News. “So in the past you’ve been known to say some dumb things that are wrong. How do you respond to allegations that you’re an idiot?” Neat journalism!

  12. If Hollywood has taught me anything it’s because of scientist everything goes wrong.
    It’s TV reporters and journalist that save us.
    Especially that Clark Kent guy.
    Stupid Lex Luthor “the science guy”.

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