There’s a new interview with Louis C.K. where he talks about his upcoming tour, and his TV show, and Woody Allen, and stuff. [Laughs].

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  1. This guy should forget doing interviews or a sitcom, and just stick to the standup. His comedy is great, but as a person, I find him nearly intolerable.

    • Really FT? Huh. I thought he came off as really humble and smart. And like he’d be a great boss. I love that he’s trying to cut out the scalpers, and that unlike giant effing corporations he’s not trying to get more and more money out of my pocket and into his regardless of the circumstances. Ticketmaster should be very afraid.

  2. The ONION ≠ THE AV Club.

    Sister SITES. IT’S LIKE a Videogum/Stereogum THING.

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