Last night I watched the Katie Couric Grammy Special (yes, second mention today, it was a TREASURE TROVE) and found out who Katy Perry is, and also the only thing interesting about her: she’s seen the cult documentary about Christian child spiritual warriors, Jesus Camp! (Don’t worry, this skips to that part.):

What’s Next? Lady Ga Ga is a fan of Grey Gardens? (I don’t know who Lady Ga Ga is, either.)

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  1. phew. thank god (or wait, god thanks me?) for Queen.

  2. jesus camp was scary.

  3. Ryan  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2009 0

    Katy Perry used to BE Jesus Camp:

  4. an ass  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2009 +2

    That looks REALLY familiar…

  5. Is it just me or does her dad at 3:10 look a lot like John C. Reilly???

  6. The sad thing is, I can relate to her. Ugh I’m relating to Katy Perry.

  7. Mark  |   Posted on Feb 5th, 2009 +4

    Lady GaGa is a lifestyle.

  8. His name was Robert Paulson.

  9. This reminds me of a girl I met at a party (she was wasted) who said once she graduates college, gets married and starts a family she’ll go to church regularly and devote her life to God. Until then, it’s drunken nights with nameless men and whatever drugs are available.

    I’m paraphrasing her sentiments but not exaggerating.


  10. Is Lady GaGa a lifestyle?

  11. It makes me happy to see someone raised by two ministers live her own life. It makes me VERY happy that it was Freddie Mercury who inspired her to do it. Queen is essential to every collection of music…

  12. Hey thanks for the reply, that’s really helpful!

  13. I love Katie Couric’s brand of journalism, namely, making ridiculously obvious connections. “You used to love Jesus! AND NOW YOU HAVE KISSED A GIRL AND LIKED IT.” Yes, Katie, we understand the irony. Also, I found her brandishing the old Christian rock CD to be a bit too Terry Gross for my liking.

  14. fuck katy perry. jimi hendrix and timothy leary…haha. fuck her.

  15. I really want to hate in Katy Perry but i’m out of material.
    Can someone help me out?

  16. zik  |   Posted on Feb 6th, 2009 +2

    Most hatefuckable person out there

  17. She’s SO smart!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!

  18. i just realized i knew who katy hudson was, in 2001. !!!!!

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