How upset are all of you about the way this season of Gossip Girl has been going? Have none of you been able to sleep either? I’ll tell you what, I have not slept since Blair ran away with Dan after her wedding and I’m actually currently dead and my eyeballs are out of my skull and rolling all over the ground picking up lots of dirt and hair, THAT is how upsetting this season of Gossip Girl has been FOR ME. But apparently John Cena, “an American actor and professional wrestler currently signed to WWE as a member of its Raw brand,” is not so upset about this season, specifically Chuck and Blairs relationship, as was shown when he was asked if Chuck and Blair were meant to be recently in an interview with Hollywood Life for some reason, via Vulture:

“They’re always kind of getting back together and breaking apart [and] kind of getting back together, almost like it’s meant to be? It’s not. It’s not! Chuck Bass is gonna be left with himself, he’s gonna be left on his own.” Added Cena, “It is getting weird, isn’t it?”

IT IS GETTING WEIRD, JOHN CENA, AMERICAN ACTOR AND PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER! I’d like to talk with you about this further, because there is certainly a lot of grey area here, but I guess you’re right. How many times can one person return to their former girlfriend or boyfriend before they finally learn that it’s just not going to work? We were all pulling for Chuck and Blair but, my goodness, if Blair falling into the arms of Dan Humphry isn’t sign enough that these two aren’t going to work then WHAT ELSE DO WE NEED? Right, John Cena? It’s rough though, John. I really thought they were meant to be and that’s a tough thing to give up on. That’s all I’m saying. Give me a call and let’s talk about it.

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  1. i don’t care about any of this on SO MANY LEVELS.

  2. This news makes me feel like I could possibly get a date with John Senna.

  3. “You can’t see me.” – Chuck to Blair, according to John Cena

  4. When I was in college, Soul Coughing played in our gym or whatever. They had a rider in their contract that stated if they played on a Wednesday, they had to be provided with a decent sized TV with cable so they wouldn’t miss any episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 (original). Best rider ever. Anyway, I hope this wrestler has that because it is endearing.

  5. “You’ve suplexed my heart and pile-drived my emotions!” – Next Season on Gossip Girl

  6. Realtak: Mike Doughty is one charming charming dude.

  7. Is Chuck the rapist? That’s the one we’re are rooting for to find love here, right?

  8. John Cena also thought that Ryan and Marissa were going to end up together, so I’m not sure we can trust his opinions.

  9. I’m over Chuck and Blair. I used to hate Dan, but since he fell in love with Blair he’s been wayyyyy less of a douchebag so I’m on board with their relationship.

  10. I kind of love Dan and Blair. I think, “I agree with John Cena on this Gossip Girl issue” is definitely a statement no grown adult has ever considered saying before, so allow me to be the first.

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