First, I’d like to announce the winners of last week’s TimbrePro Earbuds giveaway:

Alison Heckel!


Sarah Otterness!

I hope you love the feel of wood in your ears, ladies! Haha! I’m sorry for saying that to you, but remember the description of the earbuds? That was such a funny description! I can’t get over it! CONGRATULATIONS!

This week we have a very charming and exciting giveaway to announce! You have the chance to win a copy of Marcel The Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me, signed by the authors Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp! WE LOVE THOSE GUYS! And we love Marcel the Shell! And the book is beautiful and wonderful and everyone is so excited about this giveaway right now! Remember the new Marcel the Shell video? It is so good!! Ok, so, in order to win:

  1. “Like” us on Facebook.
  2. Login to Videogum with your Facebook account.
  3. Comment with your favorite thing about Marcel.

Very sweet! Comments must be submitted here by logging in with your Facebook account by Thursday, November 24th, 6PM EST. (Thanksgiving.) You can still play along if you just want to comment with your Videogum commenter account, but you can’t win! Only with your Facebook. I’m sorry. Also, you’ll be notified that you won through a Facebook message so WATCH OUT! Also, PLEASE ONLY COMMENT ONCE! And then a winner will be chosen at random. Yay!

Comments (76)
  1. First Willie Wood, now Sarah Otterness? Are you choosing winners based on who has the best name?

  2. YAYYYYYYYY!!!! You may not know this, Kelly, but this is literally the first thing I’ve ever won in my entire life. So I’m pretty stoked. So stoked I’m going to be putting all sorts of wood in my ears until my new earbuds get to me.

    In the meantime, I’m also a little bummed I didn’t wait a week to win because WOWEE ZOWEE Marcel is the greatest. My favorite thing about Marcel is his laugh and his weak cardiovascular health.

  3. Marcel can sneak into the movies inside of a gingerly curved hollow fist.

  4. Marcel never has to worry about the distinction between a wink and a blink.
    Also, the creater has the same last name as me which is cool :)

  5. My favorite thing is that Jenny Slate is adorable ding dong

  6. I like the way he says “salad.”

  7. Marcel’s sweet little voice is the best.

  8. My favorite thing is that Marcel wants a nickname, but he’s not going to beg for it. Though “The General” would be a pretty sweet nickname.

  9. My favorite thing about Marcel is that he smiles a lot because it’s worth it!

  10. I first saw Marcel the Shell when a bioinformatics researcher played it for me. He studies bacterial communities in the female reproductive tract, and I was interviewing him about his research. He said there is no definition of normal, and did an impression of Marcel the Shell saying “compared to what?” I didn’t get it, and he played the video for me. My favorite part about Marcel the Shell is how he stands against normalcy and just goes on being a shell.

  11. You win this time, Videogum. Long have I railed against signing in with my Facebook and HERE I AM. For Marcel. You got me!

    My favorite thing about Marcel is the way he ties his skis to his car. Thank you.

  12. Sheldon Conk has THE BEST life. It’s not that I’m jealous, it’s just that I want more of him in my life. To make it better. This book is a great start!

    Could Dean please sign as Windy?

  13. My favorite thing about Marcel is that he knows the value of a good lentil.

  14. I can’t pick a favorite! I love all the things about Marshell — oh, no. That’s not the first time I’ve done that.

    He’s got a lot of great qualities.

    • Oh boy, I’ve spent the last 26 minutes trying to log into the Facebook. Can I just lose? Or do I have to join an older generation because I can’t keep up with my peer group? Which one wears lentils as hats? I’ll be in that generation instead.

  15. He smiles because it’s worth it

  16. I very much enjoy Marcel’s sense of humor.

  17. My favorite thing about Marcel is the shoes he wears. This is the best prize yet, Kabe!

  18. I feel so exposed, logging in with my real name! What’s up, potential future employers! I like this website.

    My favorite thing about Marcel is the way he says his skis are “toenails from a man” and my second favorite thing is how Jenny Slate consistently wins at Twitter.

  19. my favorite thing about marcel is that he is our generation’s teeny little super guy.

  20. My favorite thing about Marcel is his fear of floating up to the ceiling because soda bubbles.

  21. Guess what my favorite thing about Marcel is?

    His “guess whats!”

  22. My favorite thing about Marcel is his love of dogs. Except for how their faces smell.

  23. I love Marcel because he makes me smile even though my dad is very sick.

  24. the bug car, definitely. or maybe the cryptic reference to a past filled with violence and tragedy.

  25. toe nails from a man!

  26. My favorite thing about Marcel is the pride he takes in his joke about “going to bread”. It’s a pretty good joke, though, so it’s understandable.

  27. falling in love with pocket lint! and marrissa’s law!


  29. My favorite thing about Marcel is his snarkiness. It sneaks up on you.

  30. I love Marcel’s ability to turn overcome all of his daily obstacles and enjoy life! Too small for a dog? Walk some lint around! Too small for a car? Ride around on a bug to maple syrup spills! You’re’ sister gets carried away by a balloon? SHE’S TRAVELLING! I love it.

  31. My favorite thing about Marcel is that he’s willing to share a muffin.

  32. His shoes.

  33. My favorite thing about Marcel? Compared to what?
    But for real, my favorite thing about Marcel is that someday we’re going to get married

  34. My favorite thing about the shell is his videos.

  35. My favorite thing about Marcel is that Marcel doesn’t beg for it, or anything.

  36. He’s polite enough to turn the page for you. Read on!

  37. My favorite thing about Marcel is his shoes and that he has a face.

  38. My favorite thing about Marcel is how he hang glides on a Dorito.

  39. my favorite thing about Marcel is that he uses a hair to tie his skis to the car.

  40. Marcel and I were supposed to go skiing once and I was told that I was covered on my rentals. Then he pointed at some discarded toenail clippings; “What the fuck do I do with these?” “Ski.” “Ski?, that’s not going to work.” “Ok, we can go hang gliding instead.” “Nice. I’m in…”

  41. My favorite thing (besides everything) is the way Marcel says “I love you, come with me, come, come” to his lint-hair dog.

  42. My favorite thing about Marcel is that he isn’t violent. Unless provoked, obviously. Then it’s on.

  43. I’m pretty sure I once dated Marcel

  44. My favorite thing about Marcel is that Marcel’s tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried. NOW THAT’S RETARDED!

  45. my favorite thing about marcel is the readiness with which he responded “Ace”

  46. My favorite thing about Marcel is his smile. It is the best.

  47. My favorite thing is he has friends over for salad but the salad is just one leaf! Haha so cute!

  48. My favorite thing about Marcel is how I love him so much with all my heart as a grownup and I feel totally cool about it, BUT ALSO my seven and two year old sons love him with an equal and genuine fervor. The way they responded on hearing there was a new Marcel video was like Santa showed up at the house. This is one of the few things we agree on which I do not force on them in a vicarious, pseudo-ironic way, like how I tried to get them call jerks at school “Sucker MC’s” or how I’ve been trying to make them get really into Herb Alpert.

  49. I want!

    Diamonds give him sunburn, awwww!

  50. well he smiles because it’s worth it, so there’s that

  51. I like that he has a good head on his shoe-lders. Also, Marcel the Shell and Michele Isabel? Too perfect.

  52. I LOVE THAT HE’S A FRENCH and Funny!


  54. My favorite thing about Marcel is that he can still say so grounded even after the tragic accident of his sister….

    …get ittt. ahem.

  55. I like Marcel because he’s the first hilarious thing that I’ve reacted to by sending it to my mom. She loved him too. Comedy keeping cross-country families together!

  56. I love his shoes.

  57. My favorite thing about Marcel is that even though he lives a life full of danger and hardships, he still manages to make the best out of the world he lives in!

  58. My favorite thing about Marcel is sleeping 8 to a muffin.

  59. “Upstate”

  60. My favorite part is how Marcel has one eye and therefore lacks binocular depth cues, which makes Marcel one more person I can beat in racquetball.

  61. I love Marcel’s ass, i mean, sass.

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