• Aaron Paul was on Conan last night! I was so excited to share this with you until I watched the clip which features, like, A BILLION references to Aaron Paul’s “girlfriend.” Ugh. Whatever. I’m so sure. I’m barfing literally out of my eyeballs. They talk about the pictures from the wrap party that have been all over the internet where Jesse dressed up as Walt and Walt dressed up as Jesse! Also, the clip features Zach Galifianakis! -TeamCoco
  • In today’s edition of Rob Corddry walking us through Children’s Hospital, Rob announces a CH spinoff — Newsreaders! It is going to be a fake news show. Great, great news. -AVClub
  • Look at what Courtney Stodden used to look like! She used to look so cute and normal! I definitely wasn’t under the assumption that she didn’t always look like a nightmare but this is still surprising! -Dlisted
  • Eddie Murphy says he’s finished making family films and wants to get EDGY. All I can think of to say, really, is, “That could be good.” But even that is a lie. I mean it certainly COULD be good, but that’s not the real opinion I have. I’m having a crisis. -FilmDrunk
  • Oh, supercuts. I like you but also I hate you, but mostly I just like you a lot. Here is a supercut of the deaths of Steve Buscemi! -TheDailyWhat
  • Bruce Willis and his wife are going to have a baby! Mazel tov. -TheSuperficial
  • OH MY GOODNESS, you can watch a VH1′s Pop-Up Video for Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA.” Do it doooo itttt. -Celebuzz
  • Look at Anne Hathaway’s nerd glasses. What is she, a nerd? A cool nerd? Just hanging out in her cool nerd glasses like it’s no big deal and nobody’s going to notice, but really she wants EVERYONE to notice? Ugh, Anne. Don’t even. -JustJared
  • It turns out the Dark Knight Rises will NOT Occupy Wall Street. Boooooooo! Or, Yaaaaaaay! I’m having a lot of trouble with my emotions today, I apologize, I have a cold. -EW
  • Tim Heidecker did a campaign video for Herman Cain and it is just the best. -BoingBoing
  • Last night Will Ferrell accepted the Mark Twain award for American Humor, and that will air on PBS October 31st, but we can watch some of it online now! Including this clip, where he drops the award! Have you seen it? You should see it. -BuzzFeed
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  1. Anne Hathaway’s nerd glasses don’t work since her hair is straight, if her hair was curly she could get her hair straightened and take her glasses off and the guy from Rooney would realize how cute she was

  2. Kelly, did you put up that very unflattering photo of Aaron because of his girlfriend? Because if you did, it just makes me like you more.

  3. Kelly, there’s a chance that when Aaron is saying girlfriend, he’s just referring to a girl who is his friend, like girls do. Because that is something guys totally do too.

    • It’s true. Look: “Frank Lloyd Wrong is my Boy Frieaaaaahahhhh I couldn’t do it

    • How come girls can say, ‘I’m going to go to brunch with my girlfriend’, and no one assumes anything, but when I say, ‘My boyfriend and I are going shopping for fanny packs’, everyone thinks I’m a gay? – that’s right, A gay.
      - Zach Galifianakis

  4. At this point, the main amusement I get from Eddie Murphy is from other people imitating his laugh. It is ALWAYS funny.

  5. Well this was a particularly good bunch of shoes.

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