Yes, this video has 10 million views. Yes, it’s two years old. Yes, WE’VE ALREADY POSTED IT. It’s also the best thing you’ll see on the Internet this whole fucking boring dead month. POWER RANGER$$$$$$!

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  1. That was the weirdest Dole Banana ad ever.

  2. “Not bad.” -Nancy Grace

  3. Bring back ottoman humping gigolos please.

  4. if you’re taking requests, put me down for more sand.

  5. This actually made me pretty cheerful! Thanks Gabe

  6. Yeah, but who here likes white people!

  7. Odd Future? They’re like 14 now right? So it’d make sense that they’re 12 here.

  8. And this is where I continue to propagate the rumor that commenter A Serious Monster is in a prominent LA Jerkin Crew.

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