The good news is that Chrysler’s Super Bowl commercial makes your city look kind of cool. The bad news: not cool enough.

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  1. Yet plans to erect a public garden dedicated to Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope continue apace.

  2. Good News: They are actually building it (

    Bad News: They only had enough money to pay for the Robert John Burke version. (Sorry, Peter Weller.)

  3. Since when is Robocop cool? What, is it 1987 already? I’d better get to first grade, the teacher will be looking for me.

  4. One can only hope it looks like this:

  5. Having Eminem in your commerical does not make your city look kinda cool. It just means your city is pro-douchebag. Now, if it had Taran Killiam playing Eminem, that would have been a different story.

    • Sitting through it, I thought that it was a pretty decent commercial. Then Eminem starts driving and I’m thinking to myself “okay, he does rep his city, but this is probably the opposite of how Detroit people want to be represented.” But I’m not from Detroit. So I’m probably wrong about the whole thing. Can any residents shed any light?

      • The new, shorter version sheds eminem. I prefer it. I was really enjoying the commercial until his part – it didn’t make much sense. Apparently walking through an empty Fox theater with a random choir is “what we do.”

        • My heart still goes out to Darth Vader kid. And those old people watching the Chevy commercial in the retirement home.

        • Pretty sure I would prefer the shorter one as well. I have no attention span, I blame the interwebz. Also, a car commercial at 2 minutes?! Pretty sure I couldn’t afford it in the first 10 seconds, let alone the last 110 seconds.

      • As a resident of Detroit I’d rather see a statue of Eminem and Kid Rock in a loving embrace.


  7. UGH! Who is Eminem?! WTF is he doing in a Chrysler commercial?! Arcade Fire was robbed!!!

  8. Every city needs a statue of a Peter Weller character. Who wants Buckaroo Bonzai and Naked Lunch?

  9. We here in Cleveland are trying to decide between a Superman statue or a Howard the Duck statue because fuck Lebron James.

  10. This has paved the way for me to lead my own charge to finally erect a statue of Uncle Buck in Edmonton.

  11. This is so demeaning to Detroit. Fuck the Internet.

    • no it’s not. i am very, very pro this statue. and it’s inspired people to start other fundraising efforts for things that they deem to be more “worthy”

      people who want to make detroit better need hope and need to believe that they can make things happen in this city. the robocop statue helped with that.

      • In a way I get the support for the statue. Yes, Murphy is a symbol of hope for a dying city and I understand the points made from your links. Still, I think most of the “support” for the statue is unawarely ironic.

        “Hey bro, I know your city is dying and all that. By the way, that sucks, bro. But wait, hear me out… wouldn’t it be cool if… wait, remember that fucked up movie from, like, fifty years ago… shit, It was, like set in fucking Detroit and this dude became a fucking droid for all these fuckin’ corporations and shit? Yeah, dude, fucking Robocop! That shit was amazing! I mean, you’re into film, right? So you know what I’m talking about. That girl is fucking on fire… anyway, so I figured that, like, with all the shit goes on it that movie and like everything that’s been going on in actual, you know, real life Detroit…. (pauses to to take a shot and creepily stare at all of my attractive friends) you know… You guys should totally put up, like, I fucking big-ass statue of Robocop. Like, right next to that fucking fist thing or whatever. It would be like some monument to overcoming that shit I was just talking about.”

        “What were you just talking about.”

        “Fuck, dude. I don’t know.”

  12. They should just build a real Robocop. Because it’s the future and they can now.

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