Fast Company, whatever that is, tracked down the man behind Double Rainbow All The Way, Paul Vasquez, aka the “Yosemitebear Mountain Giant,” to interview him about how videos go viral and whether the people who make viral videos have a level of influence over the developmzzzzzzzz. OH EXCUSE ME, I JUST FELL ASLEEP. I mean, I know that is kind of what Fast Company is about, but if there is anyone who has no idea how videos become viral and, more importantly, WHAT IT ALL MEANS, it is Double Rainbow Guy. That being said, this is still the interview get of the year. Everything this cagefighter turned naturist (cagefighter turned naturist!) says is double gold:

“When I first shot it, I was like, Whoa,” says the professional cagefighter-turned-nature-lover. “I always knew it had the potential–that it was special–and I was thinking it was going to catch on. I shot a video before called Giant Intense Rainbow that had the capability of going viral, but when I shot this one, I was like, this is even better.”

Haaaaaa. He definitely was like, “Whoa.” We can all agree about that. Also, he shot a video before called Giant Intense Rainbow! You can watch it here. It definitely shows Double Rainbow Guy’s development as a Rainbow Reaction Artist.

More great Double Rainbow Guy magic after the jump:

“People are connecting with it because they feel the spirit in it,” he says. “I feel like Noah, because I’m building what seems like an ark here. I have greenhouses, fruit-trees, and I’m working toward alternative energy. It was probably something like the burning bush that Moses experienced.”

Haha. Oh, Double Rainbow Guy. That is definitely not why people are connecting with it. Then again you feel like Noah, because you have fruit-trees? And also the burning bush? Are you Noah or are you Moses? Nevermind. I’m sorry, Double Rainbow Guy, please continue.

When I asked what he would do with his newfound popularity or influence, Vasquez wasn’t certain: “I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Last night I went to an Indian sweat and I prayed really hard about this. When I shot the video, I was not high at all, I was not having sex, and I was not hiking, as a lot of people assume. This is my land that I bought in 1988. Wait, what was the question?”

HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHHA. It is hard to tell where his influence ends, you know? There’s no ceiling on this guy!

“People think you can only have that kind of experience on drugs,” he explains. “But you don’t have to be–you can have the experience with nature without having to be high or having sex.” However, Vasquez quickly clarified the point. “But I’m not opposed to it! I mean, I was high in the other video, Giant Intense Rainbow,” he assured me with a burly chuckle. “I smoke pot myself–I mean, I have a prescription for it–it’s legal here in California.”

Yes. That sounds about right.

Finally, Double Rainbow Guy gives us what we want: a description of the rainbow he saw:

“It started to double! Then it turned into a triple! Then a complete circle, like a complete disc of color! Like a giant eye looking at me! You could feel the rays, like of the sun, but it was rainbow rays!”

“But it was rainbow rays.”

(Thanks for the tip, Adam and equalitystreet.)

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  1. I think the Double Rainbow Guy has definitely been burning some bush.

  2. Okay, it’s bad that I’m editing Videogum posts before editing anything I’m actually getting paid to edit, but cagefighter is written three different ways here…quoted material has one word, but the sentence before the quoted bit spells it, at different times, with a hyphen and as two words.

    I’m sorry. I’ll do work, then come back here to watch the interview..

    • It’s best to send typos to Eventually the error gets corrected and it leaves your post looking silly since folks won’t know what you’re talking about. ;)

    • Oh, I know that, but it’s still amusing (at least to me) that I started doing my job here before doing my job at my job. But apparently it’s not amusing, or those downvotes are coming from my boss.

      • Get To Work, Moron.
        I’ve been watching you jerk around for the past 6 months on non approved websites, and when I discovered this, well… Let’s just say your review will be interesting. And 3 months sooner than it should be.

  3. As a great prophet once said, you don’t have to be high to look in the sky

  4. Wow, he looks NOTHING Like I imagined he might Look.
    Sorta Like when You Meet monsters in real Life, and they look NOTHING Like Their Avatars.
    Also, Speaking of pulling the mask/Avatar off of a Monster’s face, Commenter Jesseca is in Chicago, we’re gonna mash, probably Karaoke (YES CHRIS TRASH KARAOKE CALM DOWN) so I invite any and all Chicago Monsters to make it a thing that they want to do.

  5. That’s not the only Double Rainbow this dude likes:


  6. Interview get of the year? Sounds like all his gets been gotten. I suspect (demand) that any future interviews will be completely different in exactly the same way.

    • As much as I want the Double Rainbow guy to look like the offspring of Ron Jeremy and Hurley and be a failed cagefighter living in a tent in Yosemite, this whole interview seemed to be pretty fake (no youtubo).

  7. Isn’t he supposed to be protecting the island?

  8. Werner Herzog should totally make a movie about this guy ala Grizzly Man, except with less death by bear mauling.

    • Herzog Voiceover: “The cage-fighter-turned-naturalist gazed at the double rainbow, sputtering in religious ecstasy, much like St. Theresa, however, upon watching the video later, all I could see was a variegated abyss, a monstrous void disguised as euphoria. I imagined at the base of the those twinned rainbows, not pots of gold twinkling with the promise of financial freedom, but the rotting corpses of all of those who had trod off after this majestic Fata Morgana, and found themselves alone, lost in a misty wood, and suddenly afraid, their death and oblivion at hand.”

      • Mans, have you seen this?

        • GAH. Ugh. I’m so fucking fired p://from Videogum.


          • No, I think it was good, because at the first picture of Horatio Sans I was like “whaaaaaaa happened to him?” and then my brain had a chance to reboot and then I saw the second one and it made more sense?

            Ugh, fire me from the English language and the internet in general today.

          • I would get a GPS if it would tell me directions in Herzog’s voice, but it would probably tell me the best way to get to where I am going is directly over the mountain.

          • I’m glad my mistakes can be so helpful. And don’t worry, I’m firing nobody.

            I took the second-to-last James Lean sammich this morning and I was really, really tempted to buy the last one, then taunt you on here. But I guess I’m not that mean.

          • You can taunt me anyway – I have to leave before 7 to get to work, and CM doesn’t open until 7, so I don’t even get to HAVE them during the week, only weekends. Was it delicious? I bet it was so delicious. Do you put it in the toaster over so it gets a little crispy? I bet you do that.

            If you take the last one tomorrow I will actively hunt you down and sabotage your LIFE.

    • And at which point in Herzog’s rainbow man documentary would he cynically manipulate the suffering of rainbow man’s closest friends by listening to the audio and telling them ‘don’t ever listen to this, it’s horrible; he’s in so much pain…’?

  9. That photo is more mesmerising and awe-inspiring than any double rainbow. Or triple rainbow. Or a full-on rainbow circle.

  10. This dude definitely makes my : ) go all the way across the sky.

  11. I haven’t felt this good about a viral video follow-up since the Trololo guy turned out to be one of the best dudes around! I’m going to start a club for cool people from viral videos who just seem like they’d be fun to hang out with in real life. I’m going to go start working on a club house design.

  12. I work at an advertising agency, and clients are often asking for viral videos to promote their organic pest control or printer ink products. My standard response used to be that it is impossible to predict what will or will not go viral and we would be better off trying to create quality content. Clearly, all I need to do now is hire Yosemitebear Mountain Giant. Thanks, Fast Company!

  13. “This is my land that I bought in 1988. Wait, what was the question?” – seems like Double Rainbow Guy has a serious case of the Alvin Greene.

  14. “When I shot the video, I was not high at all, I was not having sex, and I was not hiking, as a lot of people assume.”

    I’m guessing that once people saw this picture, the last 2 assumptions went straight out the window.

  15. This guys looks like a Boys From Brazil incarnate of Dan Dority mixed with some Allemanian King Charles the Third zygote for filler, okay?

  16. So any guesses as to what is this “thing” they were about to go to?

    (please see 00:48 of “Giant Intense Rainbow”)

  17. He looks like that bro from Lost, but a way chiller version.

  18. “Woah.”
    –Double Rainbow Guy

  19. “I feel just like a pre-naturist Noah – when he was livin’ and cage-fightin’ in the whale’s body.”

    - double rainbow guy

  20. I leave the internet for a week and it’s double rainbow this, double rainbow that, what’s goin on here?

  21. Has anyone seen his heretofore underrated hit “Message From My Ex-Wife?” ( Whoa, DOUBLE INDEMNITY!

  22. “It was probably something like the burning bush that Moses experienced… But it was rainbow rays.”

    There’s someway to combine that Hurley-Moses picture with this article… And the Dharma Initiative… And the island? I think?

  23. I’m glad I’m not the only one double completely obsessed with this dude and his rainbows.

  24. Also, nice beefcake pose buddy.

  25. I love that “Double KFC Drive Thru All The Way” is coming up as a related post. I’m pretty sure this guy has related to those a few times

  26. I like that he always says that he wasn’t having ‘any kind of sex’. Because if he hadn’t specified we’d all be like ‘GOTCHA! BUTTSEX!’

  27. Modern Moses? *giggles*

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