This guy met Julie Andrews. What? I said: this guy met Julie Andrews.

Told ya! Bitches! (Thanks for the tip, Rob.)

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  1. The man on the right doesn’t look like the type of person who refers to people as “bitches”, unless it’s deeply under his breath.

  2. Julie Andrews = that song. That’s inappropriate music association math science.

  3. Yes, that guy! Together, we are bringing the Conan Hair back.

  4. when did kenneth the page get so fat?

  5. Whoa, that’s definitely Cynthia Nixon’s wife. No wonder she met Julie Andrews, what with her fame connections and all.

  6. JAZZ HOT! (snap fingers)

  7. The hills are alive with the sound of wtf

  8. Does Julie Andrews have her own video to prove she met this guy? If not, the meeting is voided and never took place.

  9. Swizz Beatz knows what this guy’s talking about:

  10. That dude definitely has teenage girls chained up in his basement.

  11. I’m glad he made a video, because I don’t understand pictures if they aren’t being zoomed in on/out from.

  12. Fake and gay.

  13. Do you think they met at Glamor Shots or decided to go there together after meeting somewhere else?

  14. I am so jealous.

  15. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Jun 15th, 2010 +42

    Fess up. Which one of you monsters is responsible for this comment?

  16. Well, isn’t that special.

  17. Ginger kid is growing up so fast.

  18. How nice of Julie Andrews to show up for corporate executive headshot day .

  19. The thing about this video… is that it should not be a video and just a picture.

    No one would ever be like “prove it.” And if in the off chance someone was, you would already be at the picture. The conflict resolved in fractions of a second.

    But most importantly, if it were a picture, my ears would not be bleeding from that song.

  20. The elves at the Internet Meme Mine are working overtime these days.

  21. The way that was worded made me think his story was that he met Julie Andrews and the first thing he said her was “I MET JULIE ANDREWS!” Way better story.

  22. Is he saying that Julie Andrews is one of the right bitches to be on?
    Comma needed!

  23. He met her at the Sears Portrait Studio?

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