In an interview in this month’s Details magazine, Bradley Cooper says: I never lived the life of ‘Oh, you’re so good-looking. People thought I was a girl when I was little, because I looked like a girl–maybe because my mother would keep my hair really long in a bowl cut. I was in a coffee shop once and the waitress was like, ‘What do you want, Miss?’ Which, first of all, shut up, Bradley Cooper. And second of all, you should listen to “Tomboy” by Paul F. Tompkins. Because haha.

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  1. “Why yes I did have a giant lollypop. Thank you for asking.”

  2. To be fair the reason the waitress, since coffee shops have waitresses, called him miss is because he was going through his dress phase

  3. “Shut up, Bradley Cooper” is one of the best catch phrases I’ve heard in a long time.

    • Agreed. I say we use it to replace “Relax, Technojeremy,” since any user who joined in the last 18 months or so probably has no idea what that is.

  4. the part about how he was blown away by his new muscles was really the most unbearable. we get it coop, you are so down to earth. although i will also be blown away by his new muscles, so shut up me?

  5. I’m Team Tompkins, thru and thru. PFTeamkins!

  6. He says the next time he saw Aniston, who is a friend, he joked, “Hey, we should hang out–the other dates that we never had went so well.”
    “Yeah,” said Aniston. “Right.” She tried to force a smile, and watched Bradley walk down the street, and out of her life forever.
    “Dammit, Jen,” she thought to herself. “There goes another one.”

  7. Next thing you know, he’ll be telling everyone about his house bear.

  8. You are so humble beautiful man! You’re just like us!

  9. “I was like, ‘This cannot be me—that’s the way I look?’ ” Cooper says. “It was so fucking surreal, ’cause as a kid I only fantasized about looking that way. Remember Soloflex commercials? That was huge when I was a kid. It was like, ‘I wanna be the Soloflex guy. Mom, can we get the Soloflex?’ ”

    This is what I say everyday looking in the mirror… except the exact opposite.

  10. Really? The waitress called him a “miss”? But I’ve been taught to believe that when a waitress wants your attention, they only use the terms “sugar,” “hun,” and nothing else. Lies!

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