The Onion has an interview with Harmony Korine today. He talks about his new movie, Trash Humpers. For some reason, he doesn’t discuss Megan Fox getting fired from Transformers 3. It’s like, uh, hello? Who is this interview even FOR?

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  1. The Worst.

  2. This interview is for the actor who played Casper in the movie KIDS.

    PSYCHE! Just kiddin’! That actor hanged himself.

  3. My toughts On steve winwood and urkel. Man i need less caffeine. Plus patrick M said it better.

  4. “I don’t think about myself that often”. Yes, because deliberately making your film frustrating to watch so that you can blow everyone off as ‘not getting it’ shows that you are very humble.

    I’ll be sure to give this film a look when it shows up in my nightmares.

  5. “With this film, I had an idea. I started out just taking photographs with my assistant in these crude masks, fornicating with tree branches and pooping on people’s doorsteps and using disposable cameras. And I thought, “Wow. There’s something kind of exciting about this.” And then it was like, “Well, maybe we can make it into a movie.””

    And you did, didn’t you you little scamp? I mean adult.

    • This guy thinks he’s an original thinker when all he’s really doing is making a shitty mashup of Jackass and Tim & Eric.

      • I’m not saying that Tim & Eric is shitty. I’m saying that he’s lifting their VHS stylings.

        • Rent Gummo (1997)…he uses plenty of VHS footage in that. In 1997 Tim & Eric were both 20 when it was released. But you’re right. Total fucking rip off.

          • I’m fairly sure videotape was still the primary means of recording a low budget film back in 97… not a deliberate artistic choice. TV Carnage, Everything Is Terrible, and Tim & Eric are major players in the VHS aesthetic these days… so yes, using it in 2010 and saying it was on purpose is very much riding the wave of Tim & Eric.

        • Again, you obviously haven’t seen the movie. He used VHS in parts of Gummo as a “deliberate artistic choice”, as evidenced by the fact that the majority of it is shot on 35mm.

          • I’ve seen Gummo. And Kids. And Mister Lonely. Kids was the only one reasonably good, and that is because he didn’t direct it. The others… well, lets just leave it with this: the guy is a literal brain-fart masquerading as an artist. I don’t really pay much attention to people who come up with elaborate reasons justifying their creative laziness. “Life is plotless, so my movies are too”. That is a cop out, pure and simple. If that was a legitimate reason, then his movies would actually be very lifelike. They’re not. In fact, they’re completely un-lifelike. The lack of plot is a lack of dedication to the writing process.

      • yeah. i dunno about just letting your id run wild and calling it art. what makes his id so much specialer than mine? i’m telling mom.

        harmony JERKFACE

  6. Trash Humpers. Say what you will about Harmony Korine, at least he is honest about the content of his films.

  7. In film school, my classmates said I was going to be the next Harmony Korine. I then proceeded to make no movies at all after graduation. True Story.

  8. “I just don’t see life having plots.”

    okay. true, but on the flip side… do you see marauding bands of old people fucking garbage cans and felating tree-limbs?

  9. His movies aren’t really all that watchable but I have to admire the man in spirit. Grade: A for attitude, F for failed finished product

  10. who keeps giving Harmony Korine money to make movies?

  11. I kind of loved the Werner Herzog sections of Mr. Lonely, but I don’t care much for Harmony Korine overall. That said, I think people are less angry about the work that he does than by the fact that he is relatively successful and well known (and paid? maybe?) for doing it. That said, that said, Trash Humpers sounds uber-regressive (what, Garbage Rapists was already taken?), even by his standards. Also: now he looks like Daniel Johnston’s brother.

  12. I like Harmony Korine because he’s one of the few self-involved artists left out there. That’s not a knock; there should be more of them.

  13. I don’t know if this abolishes any street cred or self proclamations of artsiness I may have made over the years, but can I say that I don’t care at all for anything by Harmony Korine, or for that matter Todd Solondz? I know that I should put an onion on my belt and go to the early bird special at 4 p.m. followed by a restful night’s sleep at 5, but seriously, UGH, those two. UGH. I’m going to eat another Werther’s because my back is killing me.

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