Sigourney Weaver (Copycat, Holes) has FINALLY broken her legendary silence in regards to the Best Picture Oscar at the 2010 Academy Awards. From Page Six (via Dlisted):

While promoting Avatar in Brazil over the weekend, Sigourney explained her theory to Folha Online, “Jim didn’t have breasts, and I think that was the reason. He should have taken home that Oscar. In the past, ‘Avatar’ would have won because they [Oscar voters] loved to hand out awards to big productions, like ‘Ben-Hur.’ Today it’s fashionable to give the Oscar to a small movie that nobody saw.”

Oh just shut up, Sigourney Weaver. Between this and that weird completely sincere Saturday Night Live monologue about how amazing it was to be back in the building (Rockefeller Center) that your father used to OWN (neat!), you are really starting to distinguish yourself as a NIGHTMARE. I’m not saying that all women have to support Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar win for Best Director. Women are free to have their own independent opinions and get driver’s licenses and everything now. But Sigourney’s argument doesn’t even make sense. Did James Cameron lose the Oscar because he didn’t have breasts, or because the Academy likes to award small movies that nobody saw? Because those are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS.

Just relax and let your mind go blank, Sigourney Weaver, it shouldn’t be hard for you. Get it? Ugh, SIgourney Weaver probably doesn’t even get it.

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  1. I think the larger question is whether the Academy would have awarded a version of James Cameron that had a vagina and working ovaries, but did not have breasts.


  2. Gwyneth=Sigourney

  3. So by this logic, Danny Boyle must have a great pair. (WHAT?!) (Also, do guys even say that anymore? Nice knockers? Something something boobies?

  4. Can someone check if Sigourney Weaver’s ponytail is attached to a jackass?

  5. Sexism 101 with Sigourney Weaver
    Sexism: Giving a Best Film award to the best film
    Not Sexism: Having all the female characters in your film being archetypal nature-loving, “strong” women

  6. This is all pretty ironic considering the fact that Sigourney Weaver is a man.

  7. Ugh, this is ridiculous. Women can DRIVE now?!

  8. To be fair, I think she’s still upset at being passed by the academy for her performance in Heartbreakers.

  9. I never knew ‘Ben Hur’ was CGI.

  10. Gorillas in the Worst.

  11. I’m Queen of the World doesn’t have quite the same ring to it

    • Now I want Joel Schumacher to win an Oscar just so he will say that. Of course, he will have to do it while wearing the batsuit with nipples.

  12. Most importantly, can we all agree Sigourney Weaver sucked in Avatar. Even her animated character over acted more than Jeff Gouldblum (RIP) playing an over acting actor who is hired to over act.

  13. As a young lad, I was always confused by how in Ghostbusters Bill Murray wanted to hook up with a she-male

  14. Can we please all work together to dispel the myth that The Hurt Locker was some kind of art house film that pushed boundaries and was publically recognized as no other art house film before it was? It’s a goddamned war movie. There are explosions. There is uncomfortable ignoring of the people’s whose land is under assault. There are manlihood challenges. It’s a war movie. It’s an incredibly well made war movie, but it’s not some damned art house, “small movie that nobody saw.”

    • i’d call making $15 million in theaters “a small movie nobody saw”. I wouldn’t call it an art film.

      • But that’s the narrative around the film, that it’s some boundary breaking film, it’s not. And really, it’s not even a small movie. Seriously, it was directed by Bigelow, has cameos from Guy Pearce, Ralph Fiennes, David Morse, and Kate. It has none of the markings of a small movie. It’s a war movie. Not a small, focused picture. It was made on the cheap, but unlike crap, they knew how to spend the damned money.

        When something is “a small movie nobody saw” that’s understood to mean something closer to an art house film, something that played in a limited number of theaters because it had limited appeal. The Hurt Locker was not that. If it were handled better, if it had a different distributor, it could have played in many, many more theaters. There is nothing limited about its appeal, because it’s a damned war film. Explosions! Men fighting! The crazy badass non-hero hero who we all want to be even though the movie is obstensibly telling us it’s bad to be him but seriously he’s so cool!

        Hold up, breath. I loved this frigging movie. It was probably the best mainstream film of the year. Which is what should win the Oscar at this point. But really, mainstream film.

        • it was a self-financed movie from day 1. budget: ~$13 million

          no studio picked up the check. it was bought for like $4 million after running the festivals.

          made $15 million in theaters….if it made that on its opening weekend, techinically could still be considered “under the radar”. Had it had the backing of the studio and a huge marketing campaign, it’d have been labeled a flop [ahem Green Zone ahem]

          now compare that to the $300 million budget of Avatar and the $Infinity it made at the box office and i think it’s earned the label of a “small movie nobody saw”.

          just b/c you and i were cool enough to know about it in theaters doesnt make it mainstream. nor does the fact that it has explosions in it.

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          • Ignoring Steve…

            I think we are talking in two totally different meanings of small. You are talking about facts and figures, but that’s not all “small movie” means. It isn’t even what it usually means. Small is usually used to refer to a genre of film that has nothing in common with The Hurt Locker and more in common with An Education or Precious. And it is a mainstream film, regardless of whether or not it succeeded in breaking through. Sort of how like there are bands that write incredible pop songs, but aren’t popular.

            So much of what has been written about The Hurt Locker gives the idea that it is something it’s not. Great war film, yes, incredibly well-directed, yes, but doing anything new, anything the gather the type of praise it has? Ehhhhhh.

            It’s a big war movie with a small budget.

    • Okay but don’t try to convince me Titanic wasn’t the little indie movie that could.

    • +100

      very good point.

  15. i’m shocked that sigourney weaver doesn’t secretly know how horrible avatar is. i had always hoped actors just make schlock for the money.

    • I am a Na’avi and I take offense to your statement.

    • Lizzing, me too! See my comments re: Nicholas Sparks, Elizabeth Gilbert. Is Sigourney Weaver going to die all satisfied in 2012? “I advanced and deepened humanity, just like Shakespeare did in King Lear; I gave the world AVATAR…[croak]” Please, Sigourney, just die thinking, “Well, that was fun. [croak].”

  16. Um ok, Sigourney. I didn’t know how endearing you really were.

  17. I weep for the day moobs will finally be recognized in our bigoted, mammariarchal society.

  18. James Cameron didn’t win because he didn’t have breasts, it was because he spent more time on Na’vi breasts than he did directing an interesting and original story:

  19. Didn’t Sigourney Weaver play Ripley? Shouldn’t a point be made about this? Feminism or something?

    • Yeah. In space no one can hear Mrs. Weaver’s stupid comments.

    • I actually do think a point should be made about this. Her comment disappoints me, frankly, because I saw her talk at Comic-Con last year (yes, I know, I know), and she seemed pretty kick-ass, in my opinion, and really feminist. She talked a lot about playing Ripley and about how right now, as Hollywood movies are today, she probably wouldn’t get the Ripley role because women’s roles are so sexualized — in all genres, including the sci-fi genre (see also: Zoe Saldana’s role in Star Trek UGHGHGHHGHGHkillme). Anyway, it’s just sucky because I feel like there was some potential there for her to be actually cool and not sexist and that potential was squandered.

  20. I am the UGH-Keeper are you THEWORST-Master?

  21. avatar should have also won the oscar for bluest pile of shit…and i haven’t even seen it!

  22. I for one am proud of Sigourney Weaver for standing up to the Academy’s long history of over-awarding female directors.

  23. She’s right though. Kathryn Bigelow is the most recent example of the Oscars’ long, shameful tradition of passing over justly-deserving male directors in order to reward the ho-hum efforts of women.

  24. Get away from Bigelow, you bitch!

  25. His name is Oscar.
    (ok, that’s just a straight quote from Ghostbusters II, my apologies)

  26. Gabe remembers Ben-Hur quite well.

    Not the movie, but like the actual Ben-Hur. He was always doing wheelies in his chariot and mocking Gabe’s sandals.

  27. The tits bit is nuts to be sure but shes right about the second part. The Academy does have a long history of awarding the the Best Picture award to overblown, masturbatory works of vanity like Avatar. How dare they move away from this tradition! Who will young, egotistical film-makers who aspire to make millions of dollars rather than well-rounded, quality film look up to without these heroes? WHO?

  28. “now, on the flip side of this academy sexism coin a dude has always been able to show up, chain smoke his way through a film and walk away with an oscar, or at least a nomination. brando, bogey, nicholson, shit, what did jeff bridges do in crazy heart besides smoke the shit out of some cigarettes? so i thought my work in avatar was a lock.”
    - sigourney weaver (probably)

  29. James Cameron, what do you think your chances would have been if you had boobs?

    never gets old

  30. Samuel L. Jackson, here’s a picture of James Cameron with boobs. Thoughts?

  31. ugh. i thought i didn’t like her, and now i know!

  32. I hope when Sigourney Weaver is on one of her many self-Googling jags, she finds this little post and comes to terms with her own ridiculousness.

  33. Just so I’m clear, The Hurt Locker didn’t end the war in Iraq. So it hasn’t passed the Videogum/Slumdog Millionaire bar for being a good movie, right? Kathryn Bigelow should at least be throwing some money at repairing roads in Basra or something.

    • This is nearly a good point. Difference is, Danny Boyle took advantage of individuals (eight year olds, Dude) for his film. The Hurt Locker is more of an external commentary on the whole Iraq War, where there wasn’t any exploitation of the Iraqis stuck in the middle of the battle. If there were, I would be with you on this one.

    • they hired Iraqi refugees in Jordan to play locals as extras…but where are the scholarships to pay for their education? How awful these hollywood types.

    • I see what you mean, but there’s a huge difference. Hurt Locker barely made its money back. Slumdog made over $140 mil domestic on a $15 mil budget.

      • The Hurt Locker made money, it’s not like Kathryn Bigelow had to sell her house to get it into theatre. Although maybe she did her good deed after making Point Break and made a huge donation to the Jimmy Carter Library.

    • The illusion that US war can be done in some artistic way or hip way or whatever and avoid the paternalistic, masculinist impulses underwriting, uh, everything in our country, is crazy. Though the kids in Boyle’s film indeed experience a more tangible loss (like pictures of African kids in magazines or whatever), The Hurt Locker does this huge disservice to an entire culture/sex/anyone not a white, straight male with which we can identify. I think this is a good comment, 30 Days.

      • I’m going to steal your comment and use it as my go-to “Hurt Locker is crap” argument.

        • I certainly didn’t think Hurt Locker glorified the masculine, paternalistic, adrenaline-junkie culture it was representing. I mean, I felt for the guy, I thought he was going through a lot. But I wouldn’t say he was glorified. He seemed caught in the hell of war, and it was easier to stay there and feed off the highs of combat than suffer the banality of life ‘at peace.’

  34. Copy Cat and Holes are her two best movies, I’ll give you that.

  35. Come on guys go easy on Sigs. She is an amazonian beauty and she takes things to hearth:


  36. Wait, back up a sec. Her dad used to own Rockefeller Center? I’m starting to understand her impulse to stand up for the big guy.

  37. Did anyone else think it was strange that Sigourney’s avatar in the movie Avatar had big awkward Na’vi breasts, while the actual Na’vi women did not?

    This explains a lot.

  38. Man, and i thought i didn’t like sigourney weaver before. Her statement is the dumbest thing i’ve heard all day. i mean did she even SEE avatar? UGH.

  39. i wish i would have noticed this post earlier so i could defend the actress i named my bunny after! but it has been hours, so only a few stragglers will see this. why is there no sigourney weaver promise??? gabe, have you not seen alien and aliens??? the best!

  40. Gabe’s casual feminism gives me a total boner.

  41. does anyone truly care?

    last year was a mediocre year for films. Comparing The Hurt Locker,a tepid and slow-paced film I tried unsuccessfully 5 times to finish, to Avatar,something I sort of enjoyed but wondered which underdeveloped 7 year-old wrote the story,is confounding.

    I’ll say it again,it was a year of average entries,even the hammy Precious and ridonkculous Blind Side got nominated for Best Film.I don’t care for any of this,and am personally just a little bit disappointed that the amazing Up! (yes,its a cartoon I know!) didn’t win Best Picture.

  42. coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  43. okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wheres sivannah emaliach

  44. what time is it

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