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Alec Baldwin may leave 30 Rock or he may not or he may just be in fewer episodes or the world may end tomorrow no one knows. -Vulture Oh yeah speaking of he also wants to run for mayor but guess…   Read Story »
Good job, everyone. You made it to Friday. I know at the beginning of the week you always think, "Man, there is no way I'm going to make it to Friday this week. There has never been another week when…   Read Story »
You guys KNOW that I love a feud, but oof, I am already exhausted by this and I have not even begun describing it yet! So, last weekend, celebrity editorialist (?) Pat Morrison began a column in the…   Read Story »
This magician fooled Penn and Teller on their show called "You Can't Fool Us Or We'll Give You A Show," or something along those lines. Good trick! All magic seems unexciting to me, though. Like, I…   Read Story »
It's weird how you always kind of assume that all the celebrities are in some wonderful mansion somewhere having a really great time, frolicking in a swimming pool filled with champagne and eating…   Read Story »
Ladies! Today you face your greatest challenge yet! You must ask yourself this: do I still find Paul Rudd with long devilsticks hair, a lumberjack beard, and some stupid-ass knee shorts kicking…   Read Story »
Holy moly does this look dumb. But, like, so dumb that I think I might love it? Also: Danny McBride AND James Franco AND David Gordon Green AND Natalie Portman AND Zooey Deschanel? Is it the summer…   Read Story »
Let's be clear about something right at the top: (500) Days of Summer is not the Worst Movie of All Time. Come now. It's not even the Worst Movie of the past two weeks. That would be Couples Retreat.…   Read Story »
It must be nice to be Zooey Deschanel, walking around with a Salinger title character's name, goin' out with the lead singer of everyone's favorite band in college, acting in The Happening without…   Read Story »
(500) Days of Summer trailer, you guys: I don't want to talk about how heavy-handed this is. I don't want to point out the Juno-like hand-drawn graphics, or the Garden State-reminiscent scene on…   Read Story »