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DID YOU WATCH? Was the Taylor Swift cameo everything you dreamed it would be?! It was almost exactly everything I dreamed it would be, except she did not sing a song. What's the deal with that? Why…   Read Story »
Wow, what an incredible week we've had! Al Roker pooped his pants at the white house, Courtney Cox talked about how she peed on the grass to show her dogs how they should pee on the grass which is…   Read Story »
How does Zooey Deschanel explain her name? A big question -- one that, up until this week's Television Critics Associate press tour, was deemed "too big of a question, don't even go there" by every…   Read Story »
I like New Girl. The other week I was watching an episode of New Girl and I thought to myself "Do you know why this show is good?" Because that is how I think, in didactic, self-reflective questions.…   Read Story »
It looks like Megan might be competing against Peggy for a Leading Actress Emmy this year! Maybe! If they both get nominations! Though I bet Megan doesn't even want a Leading Actress Emmy, even…   Read Story »
Last night the season finale of Fox's New Girl aired, and I know we haven't really talked about New Girl here that much, but, uh, did we all watch it? Throughout the whole season? We all should have!…   Read Story »
I know I missed the image of Zooey Deschanel without makeup on on Friday, something I'll NEVER forgive myself for, but at least I'm here for the day when it was announced that she's the new Pantene…   Read Story »
Oh perfect. Of all the days for Kelly to be out of "the office," she picks the day when the photo of Zooey Deschanel without any makeup on is released. "Uh, Gabe, that's kind of retrograde isn't it?…   Read Story »
"Siri, make me smell like mangosteens." "Siri, where's the nearest knitting club?" "Siri, I don't feel like wearing normal shoes today. Cobble me some cardboard Michel Gondry espadrilles." "SIRI,…   Read Story »
Wow, what a great week we've had! It was Valentine's Day, a wonderful holiday that no one hates, and then it was my birthday! The BEST holiday that everyone loves! AND NOW IT'S FRIDAY! Ugh, I can't…   Read Story »