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I gotta tell you, my man, there's nothing like cruising through the aisles of the g-store on you board. Need chicken stock? No prob, just cruise on by and throw that chicken stock in your cart --…   Read Story »
What! Zac Efron broke his jaw over the weekend and I'm just learning about it now?! I've been going on with my days, living my life like everything was fine, like Zac Efron's jaw wasn't wired shut?…   Read Story »
Every looks great in these character posters for American Hustle. I mean, Christian Bale looks paricularly not great, but everyone else? Except for Bradley Cooper? Everyone else looks great, except…   Read Story »
Michael K. Williams is in MGMT's latest vid, "Cool Song No. 2"! Yes, our Michael K. Williams! Ch-ch-ch-check it out! -Stereogum Marty McFly? More like Marty McYell! -HuffingtonPost Andy Samberg…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hello, Gabe Gabe: hey kelly Kelly: How's it going? Gabe: pretty good thanks Kelly: That's good. How's Birdie? Gabe: she's good, lazy Gabe: she's so stupid and lazy it makes me…   Read Story »
First of all, Zac Efron, relax. You're not even in focus. They were clearly trying to photograph the man behind you and then you had to dramatic chipmunk your way into the picture, as USUAL. But, OK,…   Read Story »
24 years in 40 seconds morph. From YouTube: "Make sure to check out the morphing video on Vanessa Hudgens." Make sure!   Read Story »
There was this movie in the 1990s directed by Gregg Araki called Nowhere, which was a pseudo-sequel to Doom Generation, and part of his "Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy." Anyway, at one point in the movie…   Read Story »
Barkeep, a round of fistbumps for all my bros! This looks great, huh? So fun. I can't wait to see the one bored multi-millionaire momentarily alleviate the boredom of another bored millionaire on TV.…   Read Story »
Leslie Knope's campaign slogan is perfect and I enjoy it a lot. Good job, Leslie Knope's campaign slogan! I'm going to miss Parks and Rec when it isn't on TV anymore! It's the best!…   Read Story »