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How was your day today? Bad? Woke up late, fell into a puddle, coffee machine was broken at work, slipped down the steps because your shoes never dried from the puddle and fell into your crush, who…   Read Story »
Schools should replace those smoking animal posters with posters of this guy. They can say, "You might think it's cool at first, like 'Whoa, how does he even do that?' But at the end of the day, you…   Read Story »
Of course I have to introduce this video of a spider dancing to the song "Cuban Pete" by saying that you should absolutely not, under any circumstances, watch this video. I'm sorry that I had to even…   Read Story »
Hey, man, remember how you worked really hard to get a rare, well-payed, glamorous job as a television news anchor? Sure, it's in your local market and you've got dreams and aspirations of moving to…   Read Story »
I'd like to ask you all to please take a few moments out of your day, go into the bathroom, splash water on your face, put your elbows on the sink, put your head in your hands, breathe deeply in and…   Read Story »
The other day I was in a friend's apartment and saw what looked like a cross between a spider, a scorpion, and a fly. Alone in the room, I stood frozen for a few moments before deciding that I could…   Read Story »
Uhhhhhhhhh. Brad Pitt is in this month's issue of Interview magazine, talking about whatever the hell he even talks about these days. Honestly, I am not sure. I feel like anytime you read a quote…   Read Story »
At the Toronto Film Festival this past week, Nick Cassavetes, who just made a movie about a brother and sister in love, decided to break his LEGENDARY silence on the subject of incest, which he has…   Read Story »
This "Star Wars Call Me Maybe" video has been online for a whole month, and it has more than 6 million views, and yet somehow, the implosive black hole that we all would have assumed this video would…   Read Story »