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Henry Darger was a janitor in Chicago for most of his life, and died poor and unknown in 1973 at the age of 81. After he died, in the small room that he rented, his life's work was discovered: a…   Read Story »
I recognize that we live in a new era of over-communication, where every dull moment of our quotidian lives is meticulously recorded and broadcast. That's just the way things are now. Your mom logged…   Read Story »
Israeli producer Kutiman has made a series of remix videos, creating all of the music from reappropriated YouTubes. It's like Girl Talk meets Numa Numa Kid. Betchu can't watch just one.   Read Story »
Michael Scott can will YouTube videos into existence by the sheer force of making them up! On last night's episode of The Office, Holly and Michael ask the Dunder Mifflin gang to admit any unethical…   Read Story »
Youtube is finally available in HD format. Correction: SUPER HD.   Read Story »
This child who reviews movies on YouTube calls himself sexman and while he's waiting for that name to have any kind of meaning at all, he discovered swear words! Here is his review of Jumper (via…   Read Story »