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You know how some people have clearly put a lot of thought into how to make a YouTube video that will go "viral"? And when you watch the video you're almost exhausted by how much EFFORT went into…   Read Story »
A thousand words MINIMUM. (Via Urlesque.)   Read Story »
Sorry, I know that you've probably already seen this video, being such an active member in the YouTube "toilet video community." This is you: "a tour of the toilets in ToiletFanExtreme's…   Read Story »
I don't know what is going on here, but your dad is pissed! Oh crap. Dude backtraced it. Cyber-police are on their way. Consequences will definitely never be the same. You dun goofed up this…   Read Story »
The kid who made the "Things I Hate" video has made a new thoughtful and revealing video about the ways in which that particular piece of YouTube performance art goes against who he actually is as a…   Read Story »
"Thanks?" -- Haiti Now, one could argue that the original (and the remake of) "We Are the World" used the powerful symbol of unlikely musicians and celebrities from across the spectrum gathered…   Read Story »
YouTube responses to the ginger kid's Call to Arms are already coming in, and they are about exactly what you might expect (read: perfect).   Read Story »
As usual, some NSFW language, guys, so headphones UP! Oh man. We are clearly watching the evolution of a human being. Although he continues to lash out at the world around him, the fight is now…   Read Story »
Hahahaha! What a piece of garbage! I don't think this "game" (fun game, guys!) is even out yet, and people are already making room in their Crap We Never Use Storage Space. (Although I'm putting an…   Read Story »
I don't know, dude. Seems like she has a point. You're on Facebook AND you've posted videos to YouTube? You're probably a sex-offender. Grandmas know. She loves you more than you know, you pervert.   Read Story »