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While I read this manual on How To Use The Internet And Make Screengrabs And Use Blogs so I can get the Thursday Night Open Thread up, how about we enjoy this? Were you the ones asking me for a…   Read Story »
I know that it’s normal getting-up-and-moving-around time for a lot of you guys right now. All you East Coasters and Midwesterners, living in the future with your rocket cars and laser guns.…   Read Story »
One serious problem I have with cats (Videogum has temporarily become the online home of Cat Hater Enthusiast Quarterly) is that they almost never do anything at all. I mean, I also almost never do…   Read Story »
Are you a new parent looking for a way to relate real and serious airplane safety rules to your small child? Do you think that maybe having a fellow small child explain airplane safety would help…   Read Story »
Controversy time! If you are ever confused about whether dogs or cats are better animals, just put a dog and a cat in a room together and see which one is being cooler. 1000% of the time, the…   Read Story »
R.I.P. Osama Bin Laden (1994-2012). You are in hell now, plotting the ruthlessly violent deaths of innocent people by the logic of a perverse and amoral quasi-religious interpretation of geo-politics…   Read Story »
Fair enough. Sorry, gurrrl!   Read Story »
You might not think to look at him, but headphones UP! I know that this is a sentiment that shows my age, but boy oh boy, every once in awhile I am reminded how glad I am that the Internet…   Read Story »
What? TOO normal? (Thanks for the tip, Eliot.)   Read Story »
Five stars. A++. Would do business with seller again. (Via RatsOff.)   Read Story »