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I have a complicated relationship with Baby Tedster. I liked this video of him dancing to Michael Jackson. I LOVED the video of him fishing, and I quote it pretty much all the time. "Can you touch…   Read Story »
"LADIES THIS IS FOR ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - @divalover159 (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)   Read Story »
Wanted to get this posted first thing because the video is 75 hours long, and Jon had trouble getting it all to fit on one so part 2 is here, so actually it is 78 hours long. This way, everyone has…   Read Story »
It's nice to learn new stuff. It keeps the mind fresh and studies show that as you get older, learning actually helps to boost serotonin levels and reduce your risk of head cancer*. For those of you…   Read Story »
Me At The Zoo, if you did not know, is the name of the very first video ever uploaded to YouTube by one of the founders testing it out. Which is actually pretty misleading for the name of a…   Read Story »
I was having dinner with some friends last weekend and we were talking about how children's tendency to overshare on the Internet in a way that we old-timers find shocking and unwise is going to…   Read Story »
Public urination is a thing that makes me very grossed out and, simultaneously, kind of jealous. I would like to be able to discreetly urinate anywhere. That would make life slightly easier, and…   Read Story »
Rebecca Black has made a copyright claim against (herself?) the music video for "Friday" so it has been removed from YouTube. Thank you, Rebecca Black!   Read Story »
What? It's called music. Look it up. (Thanks for the tip, Seth.)   Read Story »
We’re beginning our final descent into the weekend, dudes and dudettes! How sick is that? Answer: very sick! Let’s celebrate our triumphs this week and forget our failures with a little bit of…   Read Story »