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On last night's "very special" episode of Law & Order: SVU, the on-going saga between Chris Brown and Rihanna was dramatized for television audiences, replete with Dave Navarro as a record producer…   Read Story »
One time I took a martial arts class--WHATEVER, you went to a pimps and hoes party in college and you don't see me teasing you about THAT--and the teacher or sensei or whatever was talking about…   Read Story »
Ladies, I have some bad news: your favorite living dildo and star of the film Remember Me, Robert Pattinson, is totally that guy at the party. He probably doesn't even say anything as he picks up the…   Read Story »
Very good answers to very appropriate questions. Classic interview. A couple of Studs Turkels picking up their Pulitzer prizes right here. (The people who Studs interviewed were also considered…   Read Story »
In ancient times, rulers would line the city walls and the approaching roads with the severed heads and impaled bodies of their enemies as a warning to those who would try and attack the throne. (I…   Read Story »
For a long time Steven Seagal was mostly just a buffoon. But as soon as he started telling everyone he was an actual police officer, and riding around with real police officers saying things like,…   Read Story »
There is obviously a lot to process in this video about the homeless hitchhiking surfer who may or may not have killed a man who thought he was Jesus with a hatchet after that man ran someone over…   Read Story »
Over the weekend I found all this footage, but now I'm not sure what to do with it. There were all of these Hi-8 tapes in an attic? Next to a music box that started playing when I didn't…   Read Story »
It has been brought to my attention that people are "frustrated" (I'm not even sure if that is one of the words that has been used, but it is the biggest word I am willing to give to this "emotion")…   Read Story »
Where did you guys meet? I bet that's a fun story! I love to hear the stories about how cute couples met. Oh wait, hold on, your boyfriend has more to say. SHHHH I AM TRYING TO LISTEN TO YOUR…   Read Story »