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THE WORLD IS CHANGED, I CAN FEEL IT IN THE WATER. This is the second post in less than a month defending Gwyneth Paltrow against her detractors, despite the fact that I myself, and Videogum in…   Read Story »
Just this past weekend, as a matter of fact, I was talking to someone about Los Angeles and they said the city made them uncomfortable because whenever they came to visit and drove down the city's…   Read Story »
Cool video. Good message. Logical comparison. Fun voices to listen to. The dripping condescension used to convey a half-baked message of raw bigotry definitely doesn't make you want to die. If anyone…   Read Story »
This is a screengrab of actress Chloe Moretz's Twitter page. She tweets her thoughts and prayers to the people in Boston, then she retweets two articles about herself, and then she tweets again about…   Read Story »
Sometimes you will go to someone's home, or visit an office, or discover a new courtyard you didn't know about, and for a brief moment you will be reminded of the immensity of the world. Like, think…   Read Story »
REPORT TO YOUR BATTLE STATIONS IMMEDIATELY. WE ARE NOW AT GOBBLECON 4! General: Good one, Gabe. Gabe: Thank you, General. General: You are an American hero. Gabe: Thank you, sir, that is all…   Read Story »
Does it work? Does the camo work? Petman? Petman, does the camo work? ANSWER ME, PETMAN! Guys, I'm worried about Petman. Maybe we should stop the camo test. I know we need to know whether or not the…   Read Story »
Mom, dad, good, I'm glad you're both here, I need to talk to you guys. First of all, I love you both very much. You've always been so loving and supportive of me, and I don't know what I would do…   Read Story »
Back in January, we talked about a horrible music video that Bam Margera released for an impossible "rap song" that he had titled "Bend My Dick To My Ass." Oof. Mostly, this was an opportunity to…   Read Story »
The Hollywood Reporter this morning has an editorial about what Bob Greenblatt, the new-ish head of NBC, should do to turn the network's dismal ratings around. This has been a pretty popular topic of…   Read Story »