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Here we are again, everyone: This Week In GIFs. I can't believe we're here already! Did someone Click remote us here? If so, can I have your Click remote? I really, really want one. I'll pay you! I…   Read Story »
There is a very specific type of disappointment that you only get with big budget summer movies. It's not crushing or anything, it barely even registers as disappointment. It's just this vague,…   Read Story »
Guys, I just tried to create a Videogum Facebook Group on the Videogum Facebook Page for the Videogum Movie Club but it didn't work because I guess only "people" can create Groups, not "fictional…   Read Story »
So, wait a second, the new X-Men is basically Mad Men but with more magic? YES, PLEASE! Also: Jennifer Lawrence? Stop robbing my dreams, Hollywood. I mean, you're welcome to take whatever is there,…   Read Story »
The first images of January Jones as Emma Frost on the set of Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class have leaked, and she looks great! Seriously. She looks amazing. I want to go to the zoo with her. We…   Read Story »
Interesting news about the next X-Men movie, you guys. From Variety: Twentieth Century Fox is gearing up to continue its "X-Men" franchise with a younger set of mutants. Studio has tapped "Gossip…   Read Story »