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Oh SNAP. We got some major beef brewing between Krispy Kreme and Playback! Total blaze. Y'all dance like a bunch of Jameses! There is also minor beef blazing between me and the time it is taking for…   Read Story »
One of the big videos on the Internet today is a clip from last night's episode of X-Factor in which a young woman nervously explains how hard it is for her to even believe she is on the reality TV…   Read Story »
Fox's talent show X Factor is something that I legitimately know almost nothing about. If you can believe it. You probably don't know anything about it either? I think it's the same thing as…   Read Story »
Um. This news is everywhere this morning? And so now this news is here. Apparently it's important. God forbid you guys somehow don't hear about it. I think it's generation-defining. It goes JFK, Neil…   Read Story »
Date: October, 2010 Time: Unknown Location: Australia Source: iTV (Via WarmingGlow) Description: Judge of "talent"-based reality gaming show in nation of Australia makes TWSS while giving…   Read Story »
This might be an obvious question, but what is the point of the MTV Movie Awards? MTV only has two shows anymore, NeXt and X-Factor, neither of which seem to be arbiters of critical integrity. I just…   Read Story »