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Just going to go ahead and give the obvious title to this Sundance Portrait: Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza -JustJared Remembering Seinfeld's Greatest Fashion Moments -FourPins The Last Years Of…   Read Story »
Guys, if you'll allow me for a brief moment to lay down the heavy armor of sarcastic deflection that I use to protect myself from the emotional pain of genuinely engaging with the world: last night's…   Read Story »
Guys, this is just a friendly reminder that the very exciting anniversary event to celebrate Videogum's third birthday is happening ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Wowowowowoow! If you haven't heard about the…   Read Story »
Whoa. You guys, Videogum is turning three years YOUNG next month! That is bonkers! Let me put it this way: when Videogum launched GEORGE W. BUSH WAS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Yikes! It is…   Read Story »
There are lots of reasons why you should watch the new music video for "Moves" by the New Pornographers, which was directed by Tom Scharpling and includes most of the cast of Comedy, but here are…   Read Story »
On last night's Daily Show, Wyatt Cenac visited Sweden to see if it's the Socialist nightmare Glenn Beck keeps telling us it is. After the initial excitement of "government sanctioned hand-jobs,"…   Read Story »
In the latest episode of New York Magazine's surprisingly little-seen web series Going Up With Dave Hill, in which comedian Dave Hill interviews people in the elevator of New York Magazine's offices…   Read Story »
The trailer for Medicine For Melancholy starring Wyatt Cenac and Tracey Heggins. How totally original does this look? It doesn't look like any other movie: There's a little bit of Before Sunrise,…   Read Story »
From Dick Cheney's wheelchair reminding us of Dr. Strangelove and Star Wars, to Rick Warren's soon-to-be-a-catchphrase pronunciation of "SASHA!", to explaining to yourself why it's okay this one time…   Read Story »
Last night's Daily Show hit it out of the park from beginning to end, but my favorite part was Wyatt Cenac's tantrum about how sick he is of the election. Be sure to watch the end (starting at the…   Read Story »