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"I told you that you would have a good time if you just let yourself relax," said Meryl, playfully punching 50 Cent in the arm. "You're right, Mer. Sorry I was such a grump earlier." "50, please, no…   Read Story »
Last weekend, someone asked me a surprisingly interesting and complicated question: what is a normal day like for you. It's not surprisingly interesting or complicated because of the answer. A normal…   Read Story »
Admittedly, this is not a very good case of Worlds Been Had Colliding since they were all just in a green room for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and who even knows what goes on in those green rooms.…   Read Story »
You stumble into the train station on your way to work, still half-asleep, wishing you had given yourself enough time to stop for a coffee on your way. "Why do I always do this?" you wonder. "I feel…   Read Story »
Sometimes it's fun to go to a party, and sometimes it's nice to just curl up on the couch and watch a movie. The weekend is really what you make of it. Do you want to get interviewed by Larry King…   Read Story »
Worlds have always been had colliding throughout the ages. Admittedly, this picture is a little intense because at first you're just like, Fuck Yeah Childhood Dot Tumblr Dot Blog! But then you sort…   Read Story »
If the Internet doesn't enter a specific combination of Betty White and/or Barack Obama and/or animals in casts into the system 108 minutes the world will end. (Via Flickr.)   Read Story »
In our celebrity obsessed culture, so much is made of those funny, unexpected pairings of celebrities from seemingly separate spheres interacting with each other. (The truth is that there is just one…   Read Story »
Oh, Uggie. I know that I am late to this one, but I did see The Artist last Saturday because I wanted to have a real reason to get excited when that movie beat out Hugo for Best Costume Design at the…   Read Story »