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Over at NPR's website, Linda Holmes breaks down the presence of women in summer (and non-summer) movies and it's not looking great. Oh well, we'll always have that ONE movie!   Read Story »
She teaches little girls that wanting to be a princess is nice, but you also have to prepare seriously for an actual career. H is for hahaha. T is for TOUGH BREAK, LADIES!   Read Story »
You could probably imagine what the person behind the "Hey Girl" meme was thinking, but here's a whole interview with her! No more guesswork!   Read Story »
Benedict Cumberbatch, am I right ladiiiiieeeeees (and fellas who really enjoyed the BBC's updating of Sherlock)?! BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! What a perfectly named dreamboat, NO LORRIES. Obviously, you…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe Gabe: hey kelly Kelly: HOT ENOUGH FOR YOU? Kelly: hahahaha Gabe: are you kidding? Gabe: it's too hot! Gabe: why would you ask that? you don't think it's hot? Kelly: It's just…   Read Story »
It's a great time to be a women! Bunheads is on, Bridesmaids continues to exist, Girls is finally showing how stuff REALLY is for once in our lives, heck, you can even BUY BANGS if you want to.…   Read Story »
Oh perfect. Of all the days for Kelly to be out of "the office," she picks the day when the photo of Zooey Deschanel without any makeup on is released. "Uh, Gabe, that's kind of retrograde isn't it?…   Read Story »
A whole article about subhuman monsters with non-functioning eyes and hearts if you like to read that kind of thing.   Read Story »
Bad news, ladies: Bridget Jones's Diary 3 is facing "prompt delays," whatever that even MEANS. It definitely doesn't sound good. In conclusion: one bowl of cereal, two cups of coffee, a little bit of…   Read Story »
Senior Vaginal Correspondent, Kristen Schaal, offers a woman's point of view on this heated debate. Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann is still a World Class Moron and this whole thing is entirely…   Read Story »