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Ladies, your bodies are so fat! It's disgusting! You should be ashamed of yourselves! Luckily, many of you are. Good work, women's magazines and all other media and also society! Ladies, it's…   Read Story »
The only thing to really do with this is set it up: the following is a scene from ABC Family's new gymnastics-themed show, Make It Or Break It, which based on this scene appears to be a documentary…   Read Story »
Man, Katherine Heigl is totally your girlfriend. Here, the makers of her new film, The Ugly Truth (which looks great*, btw, you must be very proud), Kristen Smith and Karen McCullah Lutz, talk a…   Read Story »
Look, I don't want to get all Jezebel over here, but fuck you, Jack in the Box. I don't even understand what this ad is for. Isn't the point of advertising to convince a group of consumers that your…   Read Story »
Ladies, the movies that are made with you in mind are categorically terrible. Hollywood's just not that into you! Take back the movie night! Other slogans borderline-offensively repurposed to make a…   Read Story »
GameStop, that store I'm vaguely aware of but have never set foot in (because I'm a woman), put out this unintentionally funny (though it's trying to be actually funny) video to train their employees…   Read Story »
With the Slim Suit, you'll lose weight quickly and save tens of dollars on wrapping yourself in tinfoil. That would make you look crazy! Looking good, ladiez. You'll cut weight for the big fight…   Read Story »
From the opening line ("Women: aren't they beautiful?") to the shocking probably-illegal conclusion, this video guide to hypnotizing women and then having sex with them is exactly like a comedy…   Read Story »