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Duh Aficionado magazine got SCOOPED this morning, by an article in the LA Times headlined Gender inequality still has a starring role in Hollywood, USC study finds. Oh man, OF COURSE IT DOES! We…   Read Story »
You have to try a lot of things out before you figure out what you're good at. That is a fact of life. When I was young, for instance, I thought I was going to be a very good actress. So I would wear…   Read Story »
It's strange how, at least I feel like this is true, telling someone they make bad coffee is such a biting insult. "What's the deal with people being so insulted about making bad coffee?" is…   Read Story »
At long last, America can dry the flop sweat from its brow, confident that it won't just pop right back out. And we can hug our children firmly and reassuringly without swelling with adult fears and…   Read Story »
Tina Fey has a personal essay in this week's issue of the New Yorker, and there is one quote in particular that has been reTumbled a lot by all the major Tumblrs. Did you see it? You probably already…   Read Story »
Admittedly, it seems like a more straight-forward approach would have also worked just fine. You know, something like, "Hey, we have a lot of caring and intelligent people who would love to help you…   Read Story »
We live in difficult times. Between the current state of the global economy and decades of transitioning gender roles, it can be hard to know how to even go about pursuing your personal goals, much…   Read Story »
"Over time, I have definitely found that what I am attracted to has changed. The more that I come to know myself, the more that I can finally pinpoint what exactly it is that I'm looking for in a…   Read Story »
Let's get real, you guys: even racists need to be on the look-out for breast cancer. Because that is one disease THAT DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE. (Yikes.) (Get it?) (Yikes again.) (Awkward peace sign for…   Read Story »
It has long been believed that the world would end in 2012, but new information suggests that the world might end as early as whenever the fuck this new show called Bridalplasty on E! is coming out.…   Read Story »