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Oh, the end of the Valentine's Day work day. The time when everyone either shuffles off to some sort of long-planned Love Meal, or hastily last minute planned Love Meal, or meal that's just a normal…   Read Story »
Yes, Mr. Waiter, we are just about ready to order, but we did have a couple of questions about the order. This charcuterie plate, would you say that it is large and overwhelming like Terrence Malick…   Read Story »
If you were to ask me, "what's something that Drew Barrymore has?" at any point in the past ten years I would have probably answered, "her own brand of wine," but I would have been wrong. She didn't.…   Read Story »
And Mario Cantone is on it? Previous guests include Nathan Lane, Nora Ephron, and John Lithgow (well, obviously). Hey, I like wine, and Stanley Tucci is a good actor (although he was very…   Read Story »
Enjoy your goofy-faced surreptitious photobombs of two unwitting teenagers at some Montreal hookah lounge, Michael Cera. Paul Giamatti is here to show you how the adults do it. Straight up…   Read Story »
"Honey, how many bottles of Achmed syrah should I order for the dinner party tomorrow night? Well, sure, a case, but we'll go through that, you know how Tom drinks, and if we're going to spend the…   Read Story »
Oh, good. Now you, too, can be a melty-faced mentally disabled transvestite swamp monster with a wildly distorted self-image! Boo*! To be fair, that is terrifying. I'm usually supportive of people…   Read Story »
One of the great lines in Forgetting Sarah Marshall was when Jason Segel was talking on the beach with Kemo and he asked how Kemo knew he'd been dumped by Sarah Marshall and Kemo said: "I heard…   Read Story »