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Someone has already Photoshopped a shirtless Vladimir Putin riding the Russian meteorite. The Internet works fast. -Uproxx Harrison Ford In Talks To Reprise Role Of Han Solo -NewNowNext Feast…   Read Story »
Black Eyed Pea is no stranger to taking to television to help inspire America's youth and ingrain them with a completely false sense of what is OK to wear on your body and face and head, so…   Read Story »
Whoops! All the kids are ruined. Oh well. Kids, of course, are stupid, and so they have no way to recognize this is bad for them. They probably think it's good, those idiots, LOL. Which is why,…   Read Story »
I tried to avoid watching this because I was pre-bored of the latest Perez Hilton thing before it even happened, but Kelly Clarkson did this interview this morning with some predatory radio station…   Read Story »