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The Onion reviews The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. -TheOnion Paul F. Tompkins has a new show on Fusion called No, You Shut Up, and you can watch some clips of it on-line, if you'd like to! You…   Read Story »
Here's a picture of J.J. Abrams with some sort of small robot! -/Film Jaden Smith is still very good at Twitter, and has some ideas for solving world hunger if you can give him a sec.…   Read Story »
Universal Orlando will soon add re-creations of Krusty Burger, Moe’s Tavern, Lard Lad Donuts, and more to the Simpsons-themed area of the park. REVERSE D'OH! Hahah. Do have a cow, man.…   Read Story »
Though Louis C.K. has decided to stay out of the White House Correspondents’ dinner, UGGIE is going to be all over it. You win some, you lose some. I hope you all have a fun time…   Read Story »
Please take a look at these ultra-realistic Beavis and Butthead busts created by makeup effects artist Kevin Kirkpatrick. They are terrifying and very gross! Also, they are great and I love them, but…   Read Story »
There are very few people who become famous simply for being themselves, and that is how it should be. Who even wants that? It's not a very good idea. Amy Sedaris, however, has managed exactly this…   Read Story »
Do you guys remember way back on last Friday when you were thinking, "Man, I can't believe I have to wait another whole week before I get to see another 'Week In GIFs' post"? It seemed like it would…   Read Story »
Well, first of all, I guess we should address the elephant in the blog. From the LA Times: "MacGruber," the latest "Saturday Night Live" skit to be mistakenly turned into a movie, bombed big time.…   Read Story »
This weekend's Videogum Movie Club selection is MacGruber. I mean, obviously. Let's get ready to laughballlllll! Also, check out this MacGruber theme song remix contest on SCHWING!   Read Story »
Is it just me, or is this poem about cocoa as an aphrodisiac three racial slurs and a reference to gun ownership away from being a Hamilton sketch on Saturday Night Live? (Via Rob Huebel via…   Read Story »