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What? It's a textbook that features a screencap from Raising Arizona? If anything this is TOO serious for most students. "Boo! Homework sucks!" There are so many things that are obviously hilarious…   Read Story »
As we all know, public marriage proposals are terrible and we all hate them and no one feels any differently about it. But if you go about as far as you can on the "most terrible" side of the public…   Read Story »
Uhhhhh. At first you're like, well, no, right? No. Probably not. You can do all kinds of tricks with Photoshop these days, so I think the answer is no. But then Michelle Collins over at Best Week…   Read Story »
Are you kidding me? This video has been around since August, so how has Obama not been impeached yet? Get this guy in office! It's crazy that he's not president already. Good ad. GREAT candidate.…   Read Story »
New York magazine's Vulture blog has a cute little story today about the time that Hugh Jackman and Baz Luhrman sang karaoke with Robert Pattinson in Japan. It is all very typical and exactly what…   Read Story »
Last week, Hilary Swank and Jean Claude Van Damme attended a lavish birthday party for Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechnya who has been accused by human rights organizations of using terrible…   Read Story »
Well, this is hilarious. From the Hollywood Reporter: Aaron Sorkin, who penned The Social Network and The West Wing and co-wrote Moneyball, which will open in theaters next week, showed up at an…   Read Story »
Powerful stuff. "But Gabe, the anniversary was two days ago." WHAT PART OF NEVER FORGET DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?! Today we are all a Bloomin' Onion. (Via @annaholmes.)   Read Story »
There were some dark and lonely moments to be sure, but it was all worth it. We fucking did it, you guys.   Read Story »
You know, at a certain point we ARE going to have to decide whether or not it's best to just shut down the whole Internet. I'm not saying we have to solve the problem today necessarily (although my…   Read Story »