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[Originally posted on October 8th, 2012.] As of right now, Monday, October 8, 2012, 5:30PM EST David Blaine has been standing in a chain-mail suit on New York's Pier 54 with 1 million volts of…   Read Story »
Okay. Thank you, Katherine, whatever you are!   Read Story »
What is the best story you have about being someone's plus one to a party? The story about when you had a few decent interactions with strangers -- I mean, definitely not great, but you got through…   Read Story »
"Finally, an award show for us! The nerds!" Ugh, imagine. Hahah. Sometimes it's just fun to imagine things only to make yourself mad. Someone saying, "You know, for years us geeks have had to sit…   Read Story »
You wake up in a hospital bed. You barely remember what got you there, though you still feel a bit shaken from whatever it was. Was it a car accident? don't think so. Did you get jumped…   Read Story »
Hey kids, are you BORED with your summer vacation? Do you want to get out from inside of your house, away from where you mom can nag you about doing your CHORES? Do you wish you lived in a dystopian,…   Read Story »
It's a bit grainy because we've already begun the process of removing it from our collective memory. Thank you for your patience. (Via SayOMG.)   Read Story »
1. Wait, what do you want to do? 2. Are you okay? I don't want to seem patronizing but I know you've been going through some stuff and I just-- I guess I just want you to know that I'm here for…   Read Story »
When someone has something like a Glee-themed public marriage proposal, even if we don't understand why someone would WANT a Glee-themed public marriage proposal, it's easy to guess why they chose it…   Read Story »
Mom, dad, good, I'm glad you're both here, I need to talk to you guys. First of all, I love you both very much. You've always been so loving and supportive of me, and I don't know what I would do…   Read Story »