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In preparation for this weekend's release of The Twilight: New Moon (OMG u guyz, is it possible 2 die from 3 much excitement?!), I decided to actually watch The Twilight yesterday, you know, see what…   Read Story »
LA Gear! Listen, fresh dudes who respect girls and want everyone to be treated equally, and proud young women who know that they are in charge of their own destinies (which could even include being…   Read Story »
The above image (via GetThaL@@k) is a vampire sex toy into which you are supposed to put your penis (I think? I have no idea, mom, I'm just kidding.) It is also the headstone on the grave of the…   Read Story »
Gettin' Jiggy with it! OMG, u guyz. There should be some kind of SEXTING shorthand for the feeling you get when you realize that all of these years of being crazy in love with vampires have been a…   Read Story »
Here's the new New Moon trailer that premiered during the MTV Video Music Awards last night, you guys: Ha! So many teenagers were probably taken to the hospital last night when their hearts…   Read Story »
MTV confirmed yesterday that they were moving ahead with their announced Teen Wolf remake TV series. Oh, great news! I'm going to crush a beer can on my forehead in celebration in the hopes that the…   Read Story »
"HELLOOOOOO?! Is it November yet? I am dying over here. Last night my mom was like "why are you crying?" and I was like "New Moon doesn't come out for weeks and GET OUT OF MY ROOM. Didn't you see the…   Read Story »
Remember when Jack Nicholson made a werewolf movie in the '90s that was supposed to be serious, and well-acted, and dramatic but turned out to be ridiculous, and terrible? Me too.   Read Story »
New Shakira video, you guys. "She Wolf": I used to think that Shakira was anthropomorphic vagina dentata. Especially in that one video where she was covered in motor oil and thrashing around like…   Read Story »
What's up crazy dudes and cool girls who like boys and clothes but also have informed opinions of their own and can be anything they want to in this world. Tony Hawk! If you're anything like us, you…   Read Story »