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Date: Unknown Time: Unknown Location: Australia Source: BIOTV Description: Woman officiating wedding in Australia unintentionally inserts TWSS in what is meant to be a sweet recounting of the…   Read Story »
This is a wonderful collection of engagement photos inspired by movies. When I get married all of my engagement photos are going to be Friends themed, and we are especially going to do a special…   Read Story »
Listen, if you're going to go to all the trouble of having a Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 themed wedding, are you then NOT just going to take the final step and convince your husband to change…   Read Story »
Thanks, Donny! Everyone else: AS YOU WERE! (Via VVV.)   Read Story »
We can't all perform elaborate dance routines at our weddings with our goatees and our beautiful wedding parties and our hats, but we can all certainly join in the spirit of it all with a quick dance…   Read Story »
Thanks, little guy. I wish you were a GIF that I could look at all day long. You are a true delight and a wonderful talent, but YOUR BREAK IS OVER NOW! GET BACK TO BABY WORK! (Thanks for the tip,…   Read Story »
It has been a long road. It's hard to believe that over the last few years we've all spent one hundred hours of our lives -- every single one of us-- --certainly not just me and a handful of others…   Read Story »
I know we all had the same idea about the Starbucks wedding just now when we read about it in the title of this post. "Starbucks wedding? HAH. Say no more, I get it." Even though I told you right…   Read Story »
Oh ladies, screw your heads back on! They're falling off! From TMZ: TMZ has learned, lady Twihards are invading bridal boutiques, secretly lying about being engaged ... so they can try on a…   Read Story »
On Sunday, December 4, TLC is going to be airing a special titled Virgin Diaries, which will follow the lives of six adult virgins. Now please be quiet and tell me nothing more about it because I'm…   Read Story »