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This is a place for friends. It's like the gym from the commercials where the tagline is something like, "This is a gym for people who hate rude people at gyms, like people who stand in the mirror…   Read Story »
Keep your composure. Remember how you practiced it during the rehearsal. And, GO! (Via Buzzfeed.)   Read Story »
On the one hand, Brad and Angelina's wedding is going to be held in a chapel on their Chateau Miraval estate in France, which would be sooo nice. But on the other hand Jennifer "Lonely Empty Womb…   Read Story »
A couple's wedding day is, I think I can speak generally here, forever held as one of the most beautiful days of their lives, remembered as OH NO OH MY GOODNESS WHAT IS GOING ON AND ALSO WHY? From…   Read Story »
Over the holidays, while everyone was busy enjoying some well-deserved time with their friends and family, Kate Winslet was also being a normal human being just doing the things that human beings…   Read Story »
For awhile now, we have ALL been wondering: "Would Billy Bob Thornton be willing to go to Brad Pitt's and Angelina Jolie's wedding? I know that they are not necessarily even getting married, and no…   Read Story »
For a very serious and, above all, real journalist, there is nothing quite as exciting as the moment right before you bust a totally major story WIDE open. "The calm before the shit storm" everyone…   Read Story »
One of America's greatest dramas is that of Jennifer Aniston, her undying love for Brad Pitt, and her searing hatred of Angelina Jolie. Long after each player is dead, it will continue to be spoken…   Read Story »
One's wedding day is often said to be one of the best, most beautiful days in one's life. We've all heard it before. "One's wedding day is one of the best, most beautiful, etc." No one is trying to…   Read Story »
As you probably already know from your "Who Is Alec Baldwin Going To Marry If It Isn't Me?" Google Alert, but Alec Baldwin is going to marry a 28-year-old yoga instructor. Congrats, you two! It's…   Read Story »