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For those of you who are fans of The Onion and web videos and TED Talks: I have something for you!   Read Story »
"Gervais didn’t provide details, but it’s expected to be more comedic than educational." (You might have to pay for it, also.) (I'm sure it will be worth it just kidding I actually don't think…   Read Story »
Jerry Seinfeld released the trailer for his new web series "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" today, and it looks exactly like what the title of it is. "Not that there's anything wrong with that."…   Read Story »
The web series that was set to take on Community's Dr. Who spoof, "Inspector Spacetime," has been given the NOOO ahead by NBC. A very sad day for all of those people (?) who exist (?) who were…   Read Story »
It's always hard to tell where the heart of the public stands on the topic of Tommy Wiseau, and I'll keep my opinions to myself since this is such AN historic day, but one thing that can certainly be…   Read Story »