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Date: May 1, 2010 Time: 11PM Location: Tennessee CBS Affiliate Description: Local weather forecaster track's weather system's movement in relation to potential storms in area with common…   Read Story »
Steve Carrell appeared on the British equivalent of the Today show this morning to deliver the weather in a classic (?) April Fools Prank: Sure. I just have one question: HOW IS THIS AN APRIL…   Read Story »
For people living in New York City, the empty threat of this weekend's Snowpocalypse was a disappointment. But the AccuWeather forecaster got riled up enough for all of us. Weathermen are the…   Read Story »
I don't even know who Al Kaprielian is, but I already miss him! It's like they always say, you don't know what you have until someone edits together a hilarious montage about it being gone. Whoever…   Read Story »
A couple of dudes visit their local news affiliate to talk about an upcoming wrestling event for charity. Then they suplex the weatherman. Aww. It's cute when Local News Affiliates get…   Read Story »
Definitely watch this: It's apparently a commercial for a Christian charity. I like that they reeled the audience in with the most boring possible premise: a weather report. That'll get 'em! And…   Read Story »
Cat + Live News Blooper = Going to be on this site: This article explains (in English) that it was a co-worker's cat that accidentally wandered into the broadcast. We'd all have preferred that the…   Read Story »
You know what? With all the crazy things going on in the world, let's just let the weathermen have their fun. And clearly this ol crunking local Birmingham weatherman is having fun on the air with…   Read Story »