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It's starting to feel like the TED Conference, whatever that even is, is losing steam. At a certain point in our nation's glorious history, it made sense to have an annual gathering of brilliant…   Read Story »
I am not joking when I say that I hope if/when the Earth is destroyed and after another century passes in absolute silence before the aliens/self-aware SkyNet future mecha/Water People or whomever…   Read Story »
It's hard out here for a shrimp, you guys. And it's not getting any easier. Yesterday I made a joke about the comical impotence of running down the street in flopping boat shoes to confront your wife…   Read Story »
[Gabe loves fan fiction. You Can Make It Up features his own personal alternate adventures starring some of our favorite characters.] The irony, the man thought, as he thrashed his arms and legs,…   Read Story »