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This should be easy? Just think of something else. I'll go first. Okay. Being a famous actor. Often the hours are long, you often have to stay in a hotel somewhere away from your family, the pay is…   Read Story »
REPORT TO YOUR BATTLE STATIONS IMMEDIATELY. WE ARE NOW AT GOBBLECON 4! General: Good one, Gabe. Gabe: Thank you, General. General: You are an American hero. Gabe: Thank you, sir, that is all…   Read Story »
I was just flipping through my RSS feed a minute ago and by all accounts today is another typical day on the Internet, each one bleeding relentlessly into the next. A cat's butt made an appearance on…   Read Story »
Looks like everyone bought those industrial stockpiles of cold mud for nothing. Back to work! (Via Neatorama.)   Read Story »
Obviously, the military WANTED to be involved in the making of The Avengers, but ultimately recused themselves because they couldn't wrap their minds around the hierarchical organization of…   Read Story »
This is just a great article about a 92-year-old movie bootlegger who sends thousands of free DVDs to American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. He uses the word "hoosegow"!   Read Story »
Wired has an article today about James Erwin, a 37-year-old computer manuals writer who has quit his job to become a full-time screenwriter after posting a successful comment thread on Reddit. Sure.…   Read Story »
After applying to trademark the name "Seal Team 6" (which is the name of the squad of commandos who killed Osama Bin Laden), the Disney corporation has withdrawn that application after the UNITED…   Read Story »
Yesterday it was reported that Tim Hetherington, the co-director of Academy Award nominated documentary Restrepo, was killed while photographing the turmoil in Libya. Diary is a 19-minute film he…   Read Story »