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Meredith Vieira interviewed a mother and her two children about their husband/father who died in combat and about how the family was coping with their loss for Christmas. It looked like we were in…   Read Story »
The trailer for The Way We Get By, a documentary premiering at SXSW about three elderly people who have made it their mission to greet every returning soldier at the airport in Bangor, Maine. Kleenex…   Read Story »
Um, I'm all for telling the stories of our men and women in uniform. But, no: LOS ANGELES - An open casting call for "All My Children" is far from business as usual: The soap opera is seeking an…   Read Story »
HBO has a new documentary coming up in their solid series. It's about an army recruiter. It's called The Recruiter. Trailer. It's weird how this movie doesn't seem to be pro or anti war. How am I…   Read Story »
Whoa, I don't know if you knew this, but John Lennon was a big time hippie. But not just one of those dirty disc golf hippies that you see in the park being bad at devil sticks and picking kind buds…   Read Story »
When this kid sits around Iraq, he really sits around Iraq. (via StreetCarnage) I am pretty sure this video would have solved the crisis in the Middle East and brought democracy to the whole…   Read Story »
So, this video with Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. played during the MTV Movie Awards last night, which I did not watch because Lindsay and I had a coin toss over who would have to…   Read Story »
Um ... just watch this and we'll talk about it after. (via Aziz Is Bored) ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The three best things in the world, 50 Cent, video games, and the War in Iraq, all in one?!!!! From…   Read Story »