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Wahlburgers teaser trailer, you guys! -THR Also: Community season five trailer, you guys. -/Film Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim and Eric, and Reggie Watts are in an ugly sweater competition…   Read Story »
All the way back in January, we got word that our favorite hamburger restaurant Wahlburgers, brilliantly named after its founding family, was in the process of filming its own reality show. Only the…   Read Story »
I'm currently sitting in a cafe near a 30-something grown-up man wearing a sweater with cats stitched into it, so you can tell how MY day is going. (That's a lie, you can't, I just told you a…   Read Story »
Happy Belated Easter, from Wahlburgers. -RatsOff! Of course, it wouldn't be the Monday post-Easter without a belated Happy Easter from Courtney Stodden as well! -ONTD Clint Eastwood is…   Read Story »
The Wahlburgers corporation appears to be tearing itself apart with lawsuits (wahlsuits?) and counter-lawsuits. Guys! Get it together! If not for yourselves, for the delicious wahlburgers!   Read Story »
America's Most Important Restaurant, and the eatery that taught all the other eateries how to name themselves, the Wahlberg family's hamburger restaurant, WAHLBURGERS, is going to be the subject of a…   Read Story »
A FilmDrunk reader visited Wahlburgers and wrote a review about it and I am super jealous because -- and I didn't know this about myself until right now -- I want to go to Wahlburgers and write a…   Read Story »
BOOOOOOO! Boo! Ghosts! Ahh! Boo! Were you scared just now? That was a pretty scary succession of words I just typed so if you were scared you should NOT be ashamed. Anyway, it's the end of the week,…   Read Story »
Wahlburgers, the hamburger restaurant opened by Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, is finally OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Last night's opening night was a star-studded gala event including such celebrities as Mark…   Read Story »
"I now call this brainstorming session to ohdah!" Donnie Wahlberg shouted, banging his fist on the table. "Shaddup, Donnie," Mark said. The wastepaper basket was FULL of wastepaper. Everyone…   Read Story »