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AHHHHH! Ok. Everyone keep cool. Put on your special Academy Award season gold plated oxygen masks before helping others and DO NOT panic. You remember the drill, right? Once you're full of oxygen,…   Read Story »
It has been a long, loud, and confusing journey, but tonight there will be only one person left standing on top of a tesla coil, dancing and throwing electricity around for a crowd of onlookers. Will…   Read Story »
Hey, you should vote tomorrow!   Read Story »
"Vote. You know? Vote! Why not!" -Larry David   Read Story »
This ad is probably aimed more at older people, but since we younger people had something called "Nick At Nite" growing up, we'll get it too. Ron Howard does some things he said he would never do,…   Read Story »
Whoa. When did Jay-Z become Professor of Voting Rights at Know-It-All U? Also is that MGMT's "Time to Pretend" playing really faintly near the end? (EASTER EGG FOR THE SUPERFANS!)   Read Story »
Here's a video (via BuzzFeed) that carefully explains, using simple words and paper cut-outs, just how the electoral system works. It's pretty routine stuff if you're a politician, but I figured…   Read Story »