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I started listening to this TED talks podcast that NPR puts together. It's OK, I guess. Basically, they pick a theme, like "What's Up, Creativity," or "Check Out Space" and pull clips from multiple…   Read Story »
Happy Halloween, ladies. Red rum! (Via SayOMG.)   Read Story »
1. A human witch. You'd be scared at first but then she would say, "I'm here to grant you one wish." And you'd say, "Oh, that is great! I thought you were going to do something scary!" And she would…   Read Story »
A lot of people will say, like, "Oh, I love Hannah Simone, I could watch her read the phone book and I would be happy." People say that all the time, and Hannah Simone is one of the most common…   Read Story »
I'm not sure what you guys want to talk about, but I'm pretty sure it's not this video, right? Totally, no, I know. This video! Gahhh! No way! Let's talk about anything else. The way your jeans smell…   Read Story »
Hang in there guys. Keep chasing those dreams. Never give up. Even if your life turns out to be a long and glaring contradiction of everything you thought it was going to be or should have been, even…   Read Story »
Poor 16-year-old Madeleine McAulay has been banned from YouTube for violating their user guidelines after posting yet another thoughtful and interesting video about her belief that gay people…   Read Story »
I was at a party a couple of months ago (not bragging) at the home of a well-known New York new media mogul who has built a reputation for himself as a bit of a jerk. Very cool of me. Very cool of…   Read Story »
Soulja Boy posted a new vlog yesterday to explain why he loves it when people tell him to suck a dick. Is this true? YouTube announced in April that it had paid out one million dollars to its user…   Read Story »
Speaking of feuds: after getting responded to last week for telling Soulja Boy to "eat a dick," Ice T returns with a new vlog. Hmmm. I think someone could use some summer classes at Apology…   Read Story »