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Listen, we all know Vin Diesel loves music. Just about one year ago he sang Rihanna's "Stay" in front of a projected screen showing the video for Rihanna's "Stay." Would a man upload a video of…   Read Story »
Enjoy your stay! (Via Buzzfeed.)   Read Story »
Marina Shifrin worked for the Taiwanese animator Next Media Animation, but she doesn't anymore! From the YouTube description: I work for an awesome company that makes news videos. I have put my…   Read Story »
(Headphones up!) Let the waves of the Internet wash over you. Don't fight it. Lie under the surf and let it pull you inward. (Via ViralViral.)   Read Story »
(HEADPHONES UP!) Oh, girl. (Via RatsOff!)   Read Story »
"I don't know, I guess I just thought we could have really had something. It's like, you try to meet people, go on dates or whatever, and -- I know this sounds lame, but, like, it doesn't even matter…   Read Story »
Yo, for real though! Streets is dreaming. (Via Slacktory.)   Read Story »
A lot of good points in this important video. Please share it with someone you love. (Via GotchaMedia.)   Read Story »
Which year of law school is it that they teach you the "I'm not racist BUT" defense? 2L? Do they teach that to 2L's? In no other instance can an entire case be rested with a single word. Usually, it…   Read Story »
At the next level, Michelle will use some of your defining characteristics to describe the main character in her next book, and the main character's name will rhyme with your name. In addition to…   Read Story »